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The Dread…

So as I sit here in my Sundari Rose and Lavender Hydrating Mask, reading the New York Post gossip section, I’m dreading the moment. The moment when I must take off my luxe, white bathrobe and get dressed. Normally I like getting dressed. There are basically 2 occasions when I leave my house; to have a laugh with friends or to make money. I’m always up for either but today I dread leaving. I must dress and go to the gym. Unless I’m being paid to do something, I’m the laziest fuck on the face of the Earth. Deep inside me there is a 400 lb., Howard Hughes with Kleenex boxes on his feet and Tivo, humming, bathing him in it’s warm, ever-inviting, glow. He’s surrounded by Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Famous Amos cookies and Papa John’s chicken alfredo pizza boxes. Maybe a few copies of Details, Italian Vogue and porn mags too…

I have to go to the gym. It’s pilot season. And I’ve been running all over the place working and auditioning. It never ends. I’m just another L.A. carpet-bagger, selling my wares. Plying my charms. I wonder if Ben Foster works out? Ben I love you. You make me happy. You make this world a better place just by being here. You are almost as cute as Wentworth Miller. Almost.

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The Week That Was… III (Early Edition)

It ain’t over but… This is a crazy week. I’ve been working. I had 1 audition for a print ad. I hate model auditions. I want to act. And one very important call back for a movie role. Gosh do I hope I get that. I thought I’d be playing a gay guy (not a stretch) who gets dumped (eh). So my agent calls me to tell me of the call back, faxes me the sides and lo and behold, I get to the audition and they want me to audition for the lead! A bigger part. And I am not prepared. Through some mis-communication between my agent and the casting director I was told I was again reading for the co-star/love interest. Damn! So I walk in and I’m told (in front of the producers) to read for Che, the lead. “Um mm… I’m here for Tony.” “No, we want you for Che.” “Do you need some time to prepare?” One of my acting coaches once told me if this ever happens do the reading cold, right then and there. If you stink then it could be perceived as “Oh he just got the script”, but if you take time with it and stink then you just reek. So I did my best and hopefully it was enough. My face was good and so was my outfit. Let’s hope that helps. The thing is I could do this part. I am this guy. I’d be playing a clothing designer who decides he’s not gay after all. I mean I have had those moments where I wish I could not be gay. I think all gay men have them. Life would be much easier. Who would choose to have people hate you who don’t even know know you?

Speaking of hate it has come to my attention (through friends @ my forum) that there are people actively trying to close down my site. Normally I ignore ignorance. But this was so blatant and mean-spirited… It seems when I sent out a Merry Xmas/Happy New Year greeting some people received it and my good tidings pissed them off. How sad and horrid do you have to be for a wish of good will to inspire anger? Let me go further: I sent a Merry Xmas wish to all the subscribers @ my forum. That means you had to have gone through the process of joining my forum. You had to find my site, fill out a form and join. Voluntarily. Now a few people who willingly joined have come up with the idea of accusing me of spamming (which is a lie) in order to try to get my web host to shut down my forum. These are probably the same people who during Big Brother 6 called and wrote letters to Maggie’s hospital and Eric’s firehouse trying to get them fired from their jobs. These are the people who took the time out of their “lives” to start an on-line petition to have me removed as the host of House Calls (which only helped cement my position). Why? Because I suggested some viewers were going too far with their hate of the BB6 cast. It seems I was right. If you have nothing better to do than post mean things on the net about people you don’t know then you need to get a life. There are charities that need assistance. There are people in need of our help, not just money. The time spent in front of that screen could be spent teaching a child to read. But instead you sit @ home and start petitions? Or you spend hours finding out where someone you never met, who did nothing to you personally, someone who doesn’t know you exist, works and try to hurt them by trying to get them fired? And I suppose you think that the on-line friends you have who enable your bad behavior are also sane? You all need help. My suggestion? Hate on me all you want. I don’t know you. You don’t exist to me past the end of this post. The next time you feel the need to hate, donate money in my name to Project Angel Food or the National Aids Fund. These are the charities I work closely with. They each do amazing work. And I guarantee you will feel better and more useful than sitting at home typing mean things and putting hate into the cosmos. Because it comes back around. Meanness may seem funny in the moment but what you sew you reap. This is your moment in time to do something amazing. Something constructive that is bigger than yourself. Bigger than the show you watch. Or the site where you post. Do it.

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Chatting Up Boys on Connexion & Friendster…

Hi! I’m shooting a new episode of How Do I Look for the Style Channel as we speak! So much fun! It’s one of my fave gigs. I’ve been a bit remiss in my posting so please forgive me!

Friend sites. 6 degrees of separation. Disable chat function. Otherwise random boys hit you up looking for cybersex. New friend request from Hector. No. I don’t know you, you can’t collect me. I’m not a Pokemon.

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Oh Hell To Tha No!!!!

In a post I like to call RANDOMNESS part 2 or more musings from me…

Who the hell watches the Olympics? That should be done in 2, maybe 3 days. Tops. I didn’t get to see Law and Order tonight. And I rushed home from shopping. Law and Order was preempted by snowboarding! Snowboarding? People only want to watch ice skating. And whatever sport Apollo Ohhellyeah is doing. I had to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I hate that show. The lead actress is too skinny. She needs a sandwich. And a chocolate shake to wash it down.

I finally saw the Emma and Alex fight episode of DeGrassi. Emma won but got quite the shiner. Sean is coming back and has long hair! He’s so cute! I LOVE ME SOME HIM! You can check him out on DeGrassi Minis at teennick. Ellie dump Jimmy and take Sean back! Don’t be stupid!

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Countdown to The Grammys… Enough Already, I’m Staying Home!

Last week/weekend was about work. And scamming my way into the upcoming Grammys. And the parties. And auditions. And a boy I’m crushing on. And shopping. And insomnia. And random crazy ass emails.

1st and foremost, I got an acting gig! I’ve had so many auditions lately. One almost everyday. I realize I’m lucky. Blessed even. But I was beginning to panic. I hadn’t booked anything. A few call backs but no actual gigs. Am I a hack? Can I not act? Was I only good @ being myself? Hm mm… Well anyway today I booked a gig for AMC. I went, auditioned and the director said, “Are you busy Tuesday?” To which I replied, “No.” To which he replied, “See you Tuesday then.” I love that! Yippee! Add that to my 2 red carpet hosting gigs for CBS and you have a very happy Marcellas. And several happy salespeople.

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Boys I Like!

So I’m kinda seeing someone. In that L.A. way of “I’m too busy but can you stop by…” Or “I’ve got an event, wanna go?” way. It’s cool. Our agents, publicists and lawyers are hammering out the details. 😉 But in my dream I’m seeing one (or all) of these boys. And for the record, when I say “boy” I mean way over 21.
Without further ado, BOYS I LIKE:

Just missed the cut) KANYE WEST

Until the Rolling Stone cover he was #1. He is sexy in that “round-the-way boy” way. Those lips are hot. Love his style and his riffs is banging. That’s good. But Kanye wants it too bad. You know he’s gonna clown at the Grammy’s. You got the fame. & the money. Just chill baby.

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…


Looker. This movie starred Susan Dey (all early ’80s hot), Albert Finney (surprisingly old & mis-cast), Leigh Taylor-Young & James Coburn (crushin on James big time!). My fave line from any movie ever is uttered by Playboy Playmate of the Year Teri Welles: “They’re killing all the perfect girls.” Gosh…How many times have I uttered that line! This movie is just what the late ’70s/early ’80s were about: feathered hair, models w/A cups in jumpsuits w/o bras, blush that’s like a bruise and really cheesy fashion photo shoots. And I loved every contrived minute of it. I still have a fashion hard-on for it. Looker, Eyes of Laura Mars and the original Stepford Wives. The fashion styling in those movies is perfection.

magnolia bakery

Cupcakes from Maganolia Bakery.

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Welcome 2006

Marcellas Reynolds by photographer Gabriel Goldberg

I must admit, I’m not happy to see 2005 go. It was very good for me creatively and I watched my career soar. I had some incredible highs:Read More »Welcome 2006