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Oh Hell To Tha No!!!!

In a post I like to call RANDOMNESS part 2 or more musings from me…

Who the hell watches the Olympics? That should be done in 2, maybe 3 days. Tops. I didn’t get to see Law and Order tonight. And I rushed home from shopping. Law and Order was preempted by snowboarding! Snowboarding? People only want to watch ice skating. And whatever sport Apollo Ohhellyeah is doing. I had to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I hate that show. The lead actress is too skinny. She needs a sandwich. And a chocolate shake to wash it down.

I finally saw the Emma and Alex fight episode of DeGrassi. Emma won but got quite the shiner. Sean is coming back and has long hair! He’s so cute! I LOVE ME SOME HIM! You can check him out on DeGrassi Minis at teennick. Ellie dump Jimmy and take Sean back! Don’t be stupid!

Speaking of DeGrassi, Matt Cohen from South of Nowhere is fine as hell! But too damn old to be playing a high-school student.

Who the hell would go see The Pink Panther? Steve Martin has creeped me out since The Jerk. It was the #1 movie last week so someone did… I’ll wait for Dreamgirls to see Ms. Knowles.

What in the hell is this woman thinking? This was her big moment at the Grammys!

An Open Letter To Danni Ray (whomever you are):

Danni, Sweetie,

What the hell?! Who are you? And why in the hell are you bent over like that? Outside of a pole, in a bar, surrounded by singles, men and $, a lady should never find herself in this pose. You are on the red carpet at a major event! Okay, it is a green carpet due to some bad product placement via our friends at Heineken. Did you expect the paparazzi to start slinging dollars? Or did you flashback to a past of lucite heels and pasties? T’was the camera flashes, yes? You mistook them for the strobes at Spearmint Rhino.

You are a Black woman! Please show some decorum! You don’t see Beyoncé hunched over and spreading ’em! Or dropping it like it’s hot at the premiere of her latest movie. Stepping away from the bent-over-look-at-my-humps pose, let’s address that dress. Stop shopping at Trois Sis.* You’ve completely proven one can take the girl out of the hood but…You know the rest. It was a courageous choice but bad one.

Danni, I’m sure you are a nice girl. And everyone loves a good girl gone a bit bad. I mean, look at Lindsay. Don’t let this happen again. Please. And if you ever need help, call a brother! It’s what I do.



I was invited to the Kathy Griffin taping of her new Bravo special last night. Funny. It was at The Orpheum downtown. So many gays there and that cute girl from Half & Half. I wonder if she’s freaked by the WB/UPN merger? I was looking for one of Kathy’s “main gays”. TT you know who you are. Alas, he was not there.

Why do I get all Romeo and Juliet when I talk about boys?

I’m listening to Celia Cruz. The music is hot and she is a legend. She makes me wanna learn to salsa dance. Well, not really. I can barely walk. Dancing? Nope. No one wants to see that. I can safely say there is no Dancing With The Stars in my future.

Happy Sunday/Monday!!!!!

*Three Sisters

4 thoughts on “Oh Hell To Tha No!!!!”

  1. Marcellas on Dancing With the Stars? Now THAT would be priceless!

    You and I may have to fight over Gray’s Anatomy. Maybe it’s the medical student in me that loves it so much, but I challenge you to watch it from the beginning and tell me you don’t like it then.

    As for Danni (I don’t know who she is either), I think she was doing the “Bend and Snap” from Legally Blonde. Someone should tell her that the red/green carpet is not an appropriate situation in which to apply the move, though.

  2. Maybe I’ll do Dancing instead of Big Brother All Stars or Battle Of The Reality Stars II. Not that either are happening.

    My friend Melanie loves Grey’s Anatomy, and so do the critics. Sandra Oh seems to be the darling of the award show circuit. I do like Patrick Dempsey. He works out at my gym, and is FINE AS HELL. I’m just not a medical show boy. Though I do like House. Loves me some Hugh Laurie.

    Oh my gosh that was a perfectly executed “Bend…And snap,” but there is a time and place for everything.


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