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Birthday Party / Game Nite 2.0!

So I’ve been celebrating my birthday for 2 weeks. Last week while in Chicago and this weekend in L.A. Last night my roommate Eric and I hosted our second game nite! GAME NITE 2.0 actually. It was a blast! It was one of those rare occasions when you look around and realize how blessed you are. I have a great life and some wonderful friends. After visiting Chicago and seeing my family and hanging with a few dear old friends and a few new ones (James, Sarah and Tom), I realized something. My summer didn’t really suck. Yeah, bad things happen. No let’s re-language that: things don’t turn out as you wish sometimes but they can’t derail you and should not block you from what’s good. And real. I had a few laughs and made real connections with some wonderful people. I’m better for it. Stronger. Hopefully smarter. Different.

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JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!! Or not…

Is everyone celeb obsessed? Right? I mean look at the explosion of tabloid mags; Us Weekly, Star, People, Entertainment Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style, InStyle. And that’s just a few. All dedicated to CELEBRITY. The new Holy Grail. And the covers; “Ryan Cheated!”, “Nicole Wasting Away”, “Thin and Bones!” Okay I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly but they always quote me. And Star but they use me as a pundit! And the web-sites! Yeah I love Pop Candy, Daily Candy and A Socialite’s Life. Towleroad and Go Fug Yourself I visit on the hour. Hell I even popped up on Defamer for kissing in public.

In the wake of Neil Patrick‘s outing I must say enough is enough. That’s strange since I took part in a show that is the ultimate voyeuristic thrill. A show that incites so much web-based celebrity/infamy. It seems to some the cast of Big Brother is like Tom, Halle, Lindsay, Nicole and Paris.

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Reality Remix Really Awards!

Tuesday evening was the taping of The Reality Remix Really Awards. I was asked to present with my dearest Erika. She was nominated for “Favorite Reality Hottie” and I was nominated for “Best Fight”. We both lost but we looked gorgeous while doing so. Erika was one of the few girls who wore a gown. She broke out full length animal print and looked amazing. I decided to go formal and wore a black J. Lindeberg suit. I contemplated wearing a bow tie but upon arrival saw that most men were (unfortunately) very casual. I wore the white shirt a bit open with the bow tie untied in an homage to super hot Daniel Craig the new James Bond. It was kinda good.

The awards were fun. They went on a bit too long and certain members of the cast of Big Brother got a bit too loud and way too drunk. It is what it is. Flavor Flav and those skanks were… Skanky. Though I have to admit I was charmed by Pumkin. Rob and Amber were beautiful. I was Amber’s mom’s fave House Guest! So cute! Oh and I got to see my girl Omarosa, who is one of my closest friends. Mamarosa was there too which is always a pleasure.

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Boys I Like… 2.0!

FIRST OFF LET ME SAY WOW! I’ve met so many fans of Big Brother in the month since the show ended! They have been so amazing. The AIDS Walk was the bomb, so much fun though Erika, James and Janelle bailed on me… I still love them. Kinda. I had a blast with a few “Jan-atics” and one extremely cute “Fan-cellas.”

Without further ado, BOYS I LIKE… 2.0:

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Randomness 7!

James Marcellas

I’m crazed. Some of you are like, “Yeah, idiot. We knew that.” But right now I am. I met a really nice boy (gay guys are always “boys”, no matter how old they are). He’s very sweet. But aren’t they always sweet at the beginning until they rip back their skin and show that underneath they are a lizard creature like on the 80’s TV show V? Anyway he’s nice. Sexy. And I’m thrilled.

Janelle had to cancel and will not be doing the AIDS Walk with me this weekend. I’ll be doing it with my pretend husband, James and with my Erika. It’s a bit of a reunion. Of a few of my faves from this summer.

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Randomness… 6

This is just a little bit of what’s going on in my life right now.

I just purchased a Rolex. I’ve always wanted one. I thought I’d have a rich husband (by now damn it) who would buy me one. But God bless the child whose got his own and now I do. It’s gorgeous. And I’m worth it. After my summer in purgatory I deserve something nice.

My name appears in a baby book. My best friend Kata is pregnant with her 1st child. She and her husband were leafing through Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana & there in the Reality Star section is Marcellas from Big Brother. Spelled correctly. That’s just crazy! Does that mean there are little Marcellases out there, named after moi? Love it!

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