Looker. This movie starred Susan Dey (all early ’80s hot), Albert Finney (surprisingly old & mis-cast), Leigh Taylor-Young & James Coburn (crushin on James big time!). My fave line from any movie ever is uttered by Playboy Playmate of the Year Teri Welles: “They’re killing all the perfect girls.” Gosh…How many times have I uttered that line! This movie is just what the late ’70s/early ’80s were about: feathered hair, models w/A cups in jumpsuits w/o bras, blush that’s like a bruise and really cheesy fashion photo shoots. And I loved every contrived minute of it. I still have a fashion hard-on for it. Looker, Eyes of Laura Mars and the original Stepford Wives. The fashion styling in those movies is perfection.

magnolia bakery

Cupcakes from Maganolia Bakery.

Handsets for cellphones from Phobile. My roommie got me this for Christmas. Thank you E for giving me something else to walk around L.A. looking crazy with. I think it’s retro-chic!


Francesco Clemente. The artist. Moves me in ways I can’t explain. His work is raw and beautiful. J’adore Francesco (yeah, I know I’m mixing French and Italian).


John Varvatos Converse. Old school sneaks with a shot of high-end cool.

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller. I’ve begun asking my publicist, when I get events and parties, if Wentworth will be there. Wentworth is like, damn. Did you see The Human Stain? Underworld? Did ya watch Popular? As Toni Braxton once sang, “I Love Me Some Him.” Wentworth. You look like you smell really good. Clean. Like soap. Irish Spring, right? I bet you snore in your sleep. And I bet it’s cute. And I bet you look like an angel while you sleep. You don’t care one bit about how you look or what you wear. You read magazines like “Car & Driver” & you have a favorite football team. You call your mom every Sunday in England. You play rugby and cricket. Well. Wentworth if you see this…Go ahead and get the restraining order.

The Getty. I volunteered at the Field Museum in Chicago. But the Getty is my fave.


Bauhaus. No, not the bad ’80s group. The art and architecture movement. As important as Frank Lloyd Wright. Or Mies Van Der Rohe.

Vogue 92

Vogue and L’Uomo Vogue. Get them. Read Them.

L'uomo Vogue

There is nothing cuter than a peek-a-boo flash of fun briefs. Instead of ashy ass crack…Sorry about that Joia and Doc M. Poor girls. I used to blind them constantly, going commando while wearing low-rise jeans.


Look for cute ones by dt, from American Apparel and H&M.

Neem Eye Cream from Sundari. Sundari in Hindi means a beautiful woman. Christy Turlington is part owner of this skincare company. When I modeled in New York (the summer of 2000) I worked part-time at Sudari, stuffing samples into envelopes. Can you imagine seeing Christy every morning at work? One day I went to lunch with Christy and my best friend Kata. While walking through Soho, someone yelled “Christy!” And she blushed. It was the most beautiful and humble thing I’ve ever seen.

Le petit prince

The Little Prince is the story of my life. No. Not really. It’s more like Where The Wild Things Are. Or The Snowy Day. All I know is I couldn’t have gotten through childhood without these books. Now I give them as gifts to friends who have babies.
Wild ThingsSnowy Day

Joan’s On Third. Forget going to Koi or the Standard or Avalon or Teddy’s @ the Roosevelt Hotel to see stars. Just have lunch at Joan’s On Third. My roommie called me recently in a state. “Paris Hilton is at Joan’s”, he whispered into his cell. The other day I saw Jake Gyllenhaal there. Eating. Lunch. In public. And Jared Leto, while I was buying over-priced almonds. Worth every penny.

Helmut Lang

CoSTUME NATIONAL & Helmut Lang. Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it, quite the way you do.

Baby, you’re the best.


SEIZE sur VINGT. You are not a man until you own a custom tailored shirt. And 16 out of 20 gets it right. The best cashmere sweaters. And super cute boxers too… This is why no matter how much money I make I’m still broke. That and the Creme De La Mer I insist on slathering all over my body.


Hot tennis players are my newest obsession. Andy as Janet Jackson once said, “Anytime, Anyplace.” It is all about you.

Roger, you also make the cut.

Naomi Campbell. There is only one. You changed the game. Forget it, most decided not to play. Lesser models took their toys and went home crying to momma. What else can be said? You are an ICON.
naomi 20

Liya modeled in Chicago. My home town. We were booked to do Montgomery Ward, shot by Jack Perno. The art director often booked Liya and I together. That day we were to be a couple. There was Nevrus and Donghia, as the Latin couple (though Nevrus is Albanian) and Matt and gosh, I can’t remember her name (Mandy I think). They were the Caucasian couple. Liya and I were… well that’s obvious. Liya was sitting on my lap. There is Liya, beautiful and serene. Smiling. And everyone is oohing and aahing over her. And I reach up & entwine a finger in one of her perfect, lovely curls. “Ow!”, goes Liya. “He’s pulling my hair”, she says in that wondrous, British-y, Ethiopian accented English of hers. “Oops”, I say. “You had a stray curl.” 2 years later, she’d become a star. My mom poached that poster of Liya and I from Wards. “That’s my son”, she’d tell the salesgirl. I think she still has it somewhere.

So that’s just a bit of what’s rocking my world. And you?

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  1. The phone set is pretty cool. I’m with you on the Converse and the flashy undies, though sometimes Commando can be a bit on the “sexy” side, too. Pretty interesting list to rock your world. I also like the visual aids, so to speak. I’ll have to try a post like this for things that keep me interesting.

  2. I loved Popular…(Mary Cherry 4-eva!)

    Also, Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book when I was a kid. Well, that and The Pokey Little Puppy.

    Andy Roddick was once asked at a news conference “Have any of your fans ever done something crazy like propose to you?”
    His reply: “I don’t think my fans are looking for something that long-term”
    That’s right, Andy, we’d settle for 5 minutes in heaven 🙂

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