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He’s Back…

Done. Finished. Finito.

Big Brother All Stars is over. I made it through. Love me. Hate me? I got a check coming. What is the 1st thing I’m buying? A Rolex. It was just a game and for me just another TV appearance. I hope all 14 of us find what we were looking for. Will we all be friends? Can we forgive one another? I hope so. If not, thanks for keeping me til sequester. I had kind of a blast.

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Aaaaaaah…. It’s Over!

So the voting ended. I’m glad. It’s in the hands of fate now. Or the cosmos. Or God. It’s been a week. Such a week. Long. Tedious. Exhilarating. Hard. Exhausting. I feel like I spent more time on the net than ever. Did I campaign hard enough? Did I vote for myself enough? I resisted the lure of the auto-voter. On a personal level, I thought that was cheating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered some of my fans did it for me but is that what CBS/Shapiro Groedner really had in mind? And watching some of my fellow contenders actively beg for their use? Gross. Yeah, I went out there and did some press, a few TV spots, a bunch of interviews and chats. Heck I even made a t-shirt. But @ the end of the day if a computer can send out 50 bijillion votes a minute should I have even bothered?

Campaigning gave me a chance to re-connect with fans. I got to witness 1st hand the good and the bad that accompanies being a “reality star.” Again. Some things never change! I’ll never understand why I’m bashed over something I said in passing 4 years ago. Talk about holding a ridiculous grudge! And it’s not even being held by the people of whom I spoke. The thing is I spoke of those I knew. We all gave as good as we got! If we can forgive and move forward why can’t the viewer? How can anyone be judged by 12 weeks of their life? Unless of course they murder someone and then… I don’t know, I guess I’m having one of those “is it really worth it” moments. But that’s what the naysayers and haters want. To kill your buzz. Your dream. You have to push past that. Ignore it like so much white noise. And keep moving toward your goal.

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The Slap Heard Around The World.

So we all know my girl is in trouble again. You know I loves me some Naomi. And who hasn’t had trouble with the help? Though my roommie and I love our current maid. Not to mention she could probably take us 2 queens down in .02 seconds! The woman just moved a sofa by herself, the same one Eric and I both drag about the floor, huffing and puffing while scratching the hardwood! I think Naomi should be forgiven for her…let’s say, short temper. She is after all one of the World’s most beautiful women. Naomi’s current predicament got me thinking, “Who will I smack this summer?”

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Found!!!! The Real Golden Power Of Veto.

So Big Brother makes this big deal about having past “artifacts” in the house on BB7. During the wrap party for BB3 I was summoned over to the Big Table (where Arnold, Alison, Don & Jon Kroll were sitting). On the table was a small lacquered box. Now I’m the kinda boy that knows a gift when he sees one. Arnold proceeds to hand me the box. Now @ this point I’m all atwitter. I’m thinking, “Is this a Rolex or a Tag?” “How nice since I made your damn show!” I was actually preparing a thank you speech. Only to open the box and find not a watch, not a little trinket to put in the vault but the DAMN GOLDEN POWER OF F*%kIN VETO! Clowned again.

And what does a boy say to that? Having the object of your destruction/humiliation given to you gift wrapped; “Gee. Thanks Guys. I thought it was a watch you cheap bastards!” No, that’s not what I said as I love those guys. I laughed as we all did. But I resisted all attempts to make me put it on.

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Is It Crazy That I Want Back In?

So is it crazy to want back in? Last time I got my feelings very hurt. But along the way I managed to laugh, cry, make some friends and have one of the greatest times of my life. Am I a crazed thrill seeker, an attention ho or a glutton for punishment? My mom says, “A hard head makes a soft behind.” I think in life you gotta take your shot, have your moment and hope/pray for the best.

I’ve been chosen to compete for a spot on Big Brother All Stars. Please click here and vote for me. Vote long, hard and often! 😉

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12 OF 12…5!!!!

Hey I’m Bowling For Angels for Project Angel Food! Check it out and bid. They are so many great prizes!

So this may be my last 12 OF 12 for a while. It’s a good one because it really shows what my life is like.

Lately it’s all about the gym and diet for me. I get up and hit the gym 1st thing for cardio on an empty stomach. I do 45 minutes 5xs a week. And 3/4xs a week Melanie and I run in the late afternoon.

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So I’m trying to blog as much as possible just in case I’m busy this summer. Heck I’m busy now. I’m working and that is a very good thing. I’m also having many meetings and tons of auditions. It always gets busy before Big Brother. Most actors worry over pilot season. I do too but I know that for me I’m going to stay busy through the summer. It’s like Big Brother season pops back up and bam! People are like “Where’s Marcellas?” Kinda like Where’s Waldo without the stripe sweater. Though I liked that sweater. It was kinda chic.

In keeping with the theme of past musings posts, here goes:


Hold… For Plane.

So I’m on hold. In suspended animation. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. In a crazy elevator caught listening to weird muzak. The summer looms ahead as I sit wondering what the hell am I going to do. I usually look forward to the summer. I mean really who doesn’t, right? When you are a child you look forward to summer vacation. When I became an adult and began modelling I loved summer. It was my busiest season. And all my friends would pour into the States from all over the World. It was fun. As the host of House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show I’ve felt the same way. Every summer I know Big Brother is coming and my gig will be back. I look forward to making new friends and being silly. Now as Big Brother All Stars looms I’m in even more of a state. Am I doing it? Will I be back for House Calls? I just shot another pilot which brings my total pilots since 2002 to 15. Will that pilot get picked up before Big Brother/House Calls and will I be doing that instead? The mind reels.

One thing remains consistent, whatever I do I gotta go to the gym. Ya can’t be too thin and the camera adds 10 lbs. Right across your ass, thigh and abdomen. A very smart woman, (Oprah) once said, “Nothing tastes as good as thin.” Well she never had the banana cupcake or the coconut chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles or the pecan bear caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I have (yesterday) and that’s even more reason to hit the gym! The funny thing is that though I’m on hold, the World around me moves forward. I don’t wanna work. Period. I’ve got money in the bank and more coming in everyday for doing plenty of nothing. Right now I’m content just going to the gym, taking 5 mile walks with Mel and hanging out laughing with friends. But life doesn’t stop. The phone rings, it’s my agents. “You have a model booking.” “Um mm, what?” Check my email, it’s my friend Nik. “Hey handsome, so you’re booked for Before and After’noon Movie.” I’m happy and blessed and grateful but @ the same time I just wanna stay home. Or go shopping @ Barney’s.

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