So I was away for 3 long, horrid, agonizing months (actually it wasn’t that bad and I kinda miss it). I was released from captivity on the 12th. It was hard doing time on the rock. This post also represents the last mention you will see from me about Big Brother All-Stars. I’ve got a few interviews (and a cover) coming out and that’s it.

Aren’t we all kinda over it?

I call this pic runway. I look cute. Happy. I lost 18 lbs. in the house. 12 in the BB house and 6 while I was sick in sequester. My jeans are custom-made Earnest Sewn. I love them!


I had a deal with these 2 knuckleheads. We were friends outside the house. I thought this would be the final 3. Ah well…

Not the 12 I would’ve imagined! Amy should have been there. And Nicole and Hardy. And my Lisa! Oh and Jun.

I rather like Danielle’s dress. Her mom picked it out.

Janelle and her boys. Howie and I were pretty useless this season. Unless we were at each others throats. Talk about an odd couple. Hey, I should pitch that!

We all couldn’t wait to get to our phones. I couldn’t even work mine. I forgot how.

These are the 2 peeps I miss the most. How crazy is that? George was good. And James really was sweet. Yeah, I know he had a temper but he was passionate. That’s what you want in an All-Star.

1st call? My little momma! She’s so cute! She was all, “Don’t tell me who won!”

I call this Charlie’s Angels coz that’s how I referred to us in the house. That is until Janelle broke her promise to me and her alliance and continued to break the girl code and nominated Erika.

I voted for Erika because I thought her answer to my jury question was the best. She did talk Janelle into evicting Will. Will readily admitted to that when he arrived to sequester. Mike’s answer was not good. He’s not an All-Star and shouldn’t have been there. I believe the yarn Will spins that he told the producers he wouldn’t do All-Stars unless they included Mike. Mike didn’t even make it 1/2 way season 2. Why else would his lame ass be on All-Stars if not for Will? Erika (like Alison, Danielle and I) didn’t have the benefit of entering the game with our best friends or alliances in tact. We entered with out worst enemies. The fact that Erika made it to the end with producer tampering in a rigged game amazes me. She deserved the win. I hate when women do not stick together. Why Janelle and Danielle voted against Erika sickens me. I would never have voted for Mike. Mike was Will’s bitch in All-Stars as he is in real life. I guess that makes him a handsomely paid ho. He wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if not for Will’s manipulation of Janelle and the rest of the House Guests. Our biggest mistake was not getting rid of Will and Mike early. Yes, that’s what I constantly told the season 6-ers. I rallied for Will and Mike to be evicted. But the season 6-ers, who had the numbers and the power, had hard ons where Will was concerned. They got played and consequently so did everyone else. What a waste of a game, an opportunity and a summer.

Erika was and is my girl. I first met her at an audition after Big Brother 3 and she ran up to me and said, “I love you.” She was dressed as a cheerleader. She got her commercial. Mine was a beer commercial. I booked it and CBS wouldn’t let me do it since Citrona sponsored season 3. What a rip-off! That’s what they don’t tell you when you sign that contract. They hold you back.

As Danielle would say, “That’s it, that’s all.” As I would say, “It is what it is.”