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Marcellas Reynolds

Award-winning author and entertainment reporter Marcellas Reynolds is the executive producer of Supreme Models, a six-part Vogue/YouTube Originals documentary series based on the bestselling book of the same name. The docuseries airing at youtube.com/vogue has over 8.3M views. Reynolds is also an entertainment reporter and television host whose recent appearances include Access Hollywood, the Tamron Hall Show, and Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!

Hold… For Plane.

So I’m on hold. In suspended animation. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. In a crazy elevator caught listening to weird muzak. The summer looms ahead as I sit wondering what the hell am I going to do. I usually look forward to the summer. I mean really who doesn’t, right? When you are a child you look forward to summer vacation. When I became an adult and began modelling I loved summer. It was my busiest season. And all my friends would pour into the States from all over the World. It was fun. As the host of House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show I’ve felt the same way. Every summer I know Big Brother is coming and my gig will be back. I look forward to making new friends and being silly. Now as Big Brother All Stars looms I’m in even more of a state. Am I doing it? Will I be back for House Calls? I just shot another pilot which brings my total pilots since 2002 to 15. Will that pilot get picked up before Big Brother/House Calls and will I be doing that instead? The mind reels.

One thing remains consistent, whatever I do I gotta go to the gym. Ya can’t be too thin and the camera adds 10 lbs. Right across your ass, thigh and abdomen. A very smart woman, (Oprah) once said, “Nothing tastes as good as thin.” Well she never had the banana cupcake or the coconut chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles or the pecan bear caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I have (yesterday) and that’s even more reason to hit the gym! The funny thing is that though I’m on hold, the World around me moves forward. I don’t wanna work. Period. I’ve got money in the bank and more coming in everyday for doing plenty of nothing. Right now I’m content just going to the gym, taking 5 mile walks with Mel and hanging out laughing with friends. But life doesn’t stop. The phone rings, it’s my agents. “You have a model booking.” “Um mm, what?” Check my email, it’s my friend Nik. “Hey handsome, so you’re booked for Before and After’noon Movie.” I’m happy and blessed and grateful but @ the same time I just wanna stay home. Or go shopping @ Barney’s.

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12 Of 12… IV


So this is what I do for a living. I’m a fashion stylist. Not a hair stylist. Not a food stylist. A fashion stylist. Sometimes. Most of my life is spent on camera but when not, a boy has to eat and there are many salespeople whose families depend on the fact that I use my living room as my closet because I have too many clothes! My roommate is not happy. Actually E is a peach and doesn’t care. Why should he? The clothes are new and cool! And my closet is his.

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Mischa, Tom, Kate & No Me…

So I’m not posting any pics of myself this time. I’m kinda bored with me. I know! It’s true… Normally I’m fascinated with myself. But lately my life is all “will I do Big Brother or won’t I.” I like to think there is more to me than my participation on a reality show. Or not. We’ll just have to wait and see. I live my life like this; I wake up, roll out of bed and what presents itself, presents itself. And I deal with it then. Luckily I’m self-employed. I don’t like to make plans. OR appointments. Definitely dates. I guess we’ll see when we see.

So everyday I’m confronted with this image:
Which means I shop too much because it’s big as day on the side of the Beverly Center. It’s Mischa Barton shot by one of my fave photogs, Steven Klein. It’s crazy gorgeous and I’m in love with Mischa. I mean I love The O.C. Can you believe that Mischa was the creepy little girl who throws up in The Sixth Sense? She grew up good. She also does some pretty impressive posing in the campaign. Now normally I hate Bebe. It’s clothes for skanks but tapping MB to do the campaign was brilliant. Much better than a few seasons ago when Guess hired perennially skanky Paris Hilton to be the face of their ads. But you know what? I’ve met Paris and Nicky and they were exceedingly nice. And very pretty. Does a leaked sex tape and lost blackberry really make one a skank? Hey we’ve all slept with the wrong guy @ least once. Are we (the viewer) supposed to be privy to the private comings and goings of these women? I mean I’m a single boy and I don’t want anyone recounting every step I take. I’m a step away from skank-dom @ any moment. And I like it. Here’s 1 more of Mischa:

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So I have been on the master cleanse again and am happy to report as of 4:00 today I lost 14 lbs. Yes, 14 lbs. in 7 days. I just broke the cleanse and what’s the 1st thing I put in my system? Non-sprayed, organic tangerine juice from Beverly Hills Juice Club. It was yummy. But now I wish I’d stayed on for 10 days.

I made the mistake of calling E (my roommate) to tell him how much I lost and he, being the buzz killer he is, says, “That’s all water weight and crap that you passed from not eating.” “2 days from now, once you start eating again, you’ll gain it all back.” Thanks E! Way to represent.


12 Of 12… III

Alright to keep that little bitch Chad off my back I’m doing 12 of 12. Did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day w/Bill Murray and a smokin’ hot Andie MacDowell? Well that’s not the day I had but I’m reusing pics from old 12 of 12’s. And I don’t want any lip from other bloggers either! My life is a ridic Groundhog Day lately ’cause I have insomnia and sleep maybe 2 hours a day. Yes, I said day, I don’t get to sleep til 5 a.m. when the sun comes up.

My roommate thinks I’m a vampire.

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I’m getting really serious about charity work. If you didn’t know I’m doing Bowling with Angels. And yeah, I can bowl. I even know what a turkey is. My goal is to raise $5,000 for Project Angel Food. I really wanna make this happen so I’m offering incentives (other than donations are tax deductible, you’ll help others and you’ll feel really good about yourself).

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Country Music, Feminine Hygiene & Plagiarism or a little post I like to call Musings (which is really) Randomness… Pt. 5


So I’m a consumer. If I can’t wear it, I wanna eat it, if I can’t eat it, I wanna… Well I won’t go there… Oh why the hell not, I wanna shtup it. That’s a nice way to put that, yes? Anyway there is a little shtupping going on but there is a whole lot more eating going on and since there is so much eating going on there is a lot of shopping going on to buy new things to cover my ass. I really shouldn’t be shopping as I’m not really working. But that in my opinion is the ultimate time to shop. Shop your proverbial back into a corner. Then you have to get a gig. But that’s the kinda behavior that leads to leaking a sex video on the net or doing Battle Of The Reality Stars or (dare I say it) an All Stars of whatever show you happened to have survived. I mean desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m not @ the limit on my credit cards yet so… Plus next weekend I’m shooting a documentary on the fashion industry. And I have a few personal shopping clients. So I’m never really unemployed. I’m working, it’s just not being filmed.

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Dangerous: Cell Phones and Spoiled Women


So anyone who reads this blog knows I worship at the throne known as Naomi Campbell. When my journey is complete and my days are done, I wanna come back as her. I don’t know why. Her hair is a weave (yes, a very good one. She has crappy taste in men: Mike Tyson, Robert DeNiro (not pre-The Godfather Rob but post-Awakenings Rob), Flavio Briatore (well he did give her a $10 million yatch and he is the father of Heidi Klum’s 1st child) and Usher (to name a few). She has anger management problems. (Who hasn’t taken a swing at the help? But I guess you’d have to have help 1st so… And had that widely publicized drug problem (but at least she sought help).

Now the positives: She’s the most recognized model in the World (so says her attorney), she’s rich as all hell, earning a reported $29 million a year (repeat after me: “DAMN!!!), she’s a multi-talented writer (Swan), and singer (Babywoman), she’s currently, rumored to be, supposedly dating the Prince of Dubai & she does charity work with Nelson Mandela.

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