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Mischa, Tom, Kate & No Me…

So I’m not posting any pics of myself this time. I’m kinda bored with me. I know! It’s true… Normally I’m fascinated with myself. But lately my life is all “will I do Big Brother or won’t I.” I like to think there is more to me than my participation on a reality show. Or not. We’ll just have to wait and see. I live my life like this; I wake up, roll out of bed and what presents itself, presents itself. And I deal with it then. Luckily I’m self-employed. I don’t like to make plans. OR appointments. Definitely dates. I guess we’ll see when we see.

So everyday I’m confronted with this image:
Which means I shop too much because it’s big as day on the side of the Beverly Center. It’s Mischa Barton shot by one of my fave photogs, Steven Klein. It’s crazy gorgeous and I’m in love with Mischa. I mean I love The O.C. Can you believe that Mischa was the creepy little girl who throws up in The Sixth Sense? She grew up good. She also does some pretty impressive posing in the campaign. Now normally I hate Bebe. It’s clothes for skanks but tapping MB to do the campaign was brilliant. Much better than a few seasons ago when Guess hired perennially skanky Paris Hilton to be the face of their ads. But you know what? I’ve met Paris and Nicky and they were exceedingly nice. And very pretty. Does a leaked sex tape and lost blackberry really make one a skank? Hey we’ve all slept with the wrong guy @ least once. Are we (the viewer) supposed to be privy to the private comings and goings of these women? I mean I’m a single boy and I don’t want anyone recounting every step I take. I’m a step away from skank-dom @ any moment. And I like it. Here’s 1 more of Mischa:

Now that is how you treat a boy.

While I’m posting pics I like, did you see the amazing Tom Ford layout in W a few months ago? He was with those bland Cingular triplets and leave it to Tom to make the mediocre extraordinary. By the time Tom was done with those 3, they were white hot.

Tom Ford is definitely a BOY I LIKE. I also love his personal style. You can’t go wrong with a black tailored suit. White french cuffs? Always sexy. It’s like a uniform. You don’t have to think about it you just are.

I’ve never understood the gay obsession with twins and triplets.
It doesn’t do anything for me one way or the other. A hot guy is a hot guy. But I’m not like, “Oh my God twins!” I mean if twins are doing it together that’s kinda sick. But then again I’m not into three-ways either. One person always gets left out. Not that I would know. 😉

Kate Moss is reportedly mulling over a $30 million deal to produce her own clothing line. Damn! That is crazy. And the rich get richer. But you know what? Kate doing a line makes more sense than Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson doing a line. Those 2 wouldn’t have any style if it weren’t for the stylist they hire to dress them. And they have access to the best things 1st and still manage to muck it all up. Oh well…Money don’t buy class. Or style. My mom used to say, “A pig in pearls is still a pig in pearls.” Or what’s the thing about a sows ear?

Anyway I wanna see what Kate does. Let’s hope it’s for Top Shop or H&M and not Kohl’s or K Mart.

My best mate Kata and I have been toying with doing a store for ages. Something small, chic, moderately expensive, a mix of new and vintage. Cocktails @ 5 on Fridays. Great music and a relaxed, cool atmosphere. The kind of shop you want to hang @ coz the sales people are cute and so are the customers. A boy can dream I suppose.


13 thoughts on “Mischa, Tom, Kate & No Me…”

  1. You know some bitches be hatin’ over at that bbq place. Anywho, you know where I stand Marcellas, I say do the damn show and USE THE VETO FOOL.

    Just kidding, but for real if you did the show I would miss your daily antics on house calls and blogs.

    Anyways I had to minimize your blog at work because there were boys showing their ass!!

  2. Hey V! I don’t even listen to the haters. What they are too stupid to understand is if they wanna hurt me they should stop posting about me. Just stop using my name. Take down and eradicate any vestige of me. But as long as they keep using my name and talking about me it keeps adding to my coffers. And continues to make me the most popular HG in BB history. Every time they mention me it adds to my longevity. Will I do BB All Stars? They will know the night it premieres. I haven’t decided.

    I should thank them. Not.



  3. No one will hate you unless you go back in that house. That house was not made for you. The house made for you has been destroyed. You had your chance. Try something new. Mkay? Pray for Target!

  4. Hey Moolah’s Take-

    Here’s a suggestion dumb ass; if you don’t wanna see me don’t watch. I give a crap what you think. Stop coming to my blog, searching me on the net or thinking about me in general. Your comments are inane and unwanted. In short get a life and stop bothering me as I live mine.

    Go stalk someone else. I’ve had enough of deleting your ignorance.

    Pray for a life idiot. Mkay?


  5. The anonymity of the web lets a lot of trash talk crap they would never be courageous enough to say to someones face. Every time I see ignorance like Moolah’s or some of the reality websites it just makes me sad for them. I’m glad to give idiots something to talk about. What would they do if they didn’t sit around discussing me or other TV stars? Work? Raise their children? Be involved in their communities? Or politics?

    I guess it’s easier to be vile than to be kind.


  6. classic(to moolah) and I’ve apparently caused some drama on the boards which reminds me of an old liza minelli quote(i think), If people say good or bad things about me atleast their talking about me(not verbatim and I may have just made the whole damn thing up, who knows)

    Now im going to go slit my wrist.


  7. Hi, I love Steven Klein work as you do, but I was very confused about Mischa Barton first picture, because the location and the pose is similar to Steven Klein’s cover and spread for Zoo Magazine #6, the only difference is that the model is Carolyn Murphy!

  8. Ah that’s funny Pedro. I hate derivative shoots. The worst repeat offender is Bruce Weber! He shoots the same story over and over. Jocks playing rugby or football. And there’s always an old guy in a cast. And since he only does A&F, the clothes are exactly the same!

  9. If you are on Big Brother I will watch Big Brother. However, I like watching you on the internet dishing the Big Brother housemates more! Can you do both? That would be a scream!

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