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12 Of 12… IV


So this is what I do for a living. I’m a fashion stylist. Not a hair stylist. Not a food stylist. A fashion stylist. Sometimes. Most of my life is spent on camera but when not, a boy has to eat and there are many salespeople whose families depend on the fact that I use my living room as my closet because I have too many clothes! My roommate is not happy. Actually E is a peach and doesn’t care. Why should he? The clothes are new and cool! And my closet is his.

Anyway an amazing photographer, Karl Simone, was in town shooting editorials and as things worked out he needed a stylist. I was available. The models being shot were cute and from phone convos, exceedingly nice.

Without further ado, here they are. 12 Of 12 plus 1. They speak for themselves. Gui, Nick and Colin were each sweet and very cute. Gui is the hottest and so sweet in that “Brazilian-Giselle-Adriana-I’m so much hotter than you coz of genetics” way. What is it about Brazilian models? Always happy and smiling, charming and sweet. Nick Auger is a superstar waiting to happen. I’ll be saying “I worked with him when” soon. And Colin, the Asian Sensation? So cute and fun. And the scruff is wickedcrazysexycool.

And that is a wrap. A day in the life of me. 13 pics of me having a moment.


3 thoughts on “12 Of 12… IV”

  1. Awesome pics Marcellas!

    I want your job!


    As always you entertain me and your blog is now one of my regular reads!

    Thanks again!


  2. I’m gonna do 12 of 12 once I get back to New Orleans in July. But will you be around then, or stuck in a house with a bunch of crazies? Hmmmmm… It will be a joy to watch you either way (on The HC or BB) ๐Ÿ™‚

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