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Make a Statement with Midnight Velvet

We’ve all heard the saying “Clothes make the man.” Well if that’s true, accessories make the woman extraordinary! In our current Make A Statement video, Midnight Velvet and I extol the virtues of piling on the luxe. How does any outfit become an incredible outfit? It’s the artful use of accessories. Think of your wardrobe as art. Each day is a brand new canvas. You begin by sketching the outline, so you pull out a blue suit. Now inspiration hits; “How about that vibrant print blouse?” Feeling happily inspired you grab red pumps!

This painting is almost finished but it needs something… Accessories are the little flourishes, or brush strokes, that add life to your look! Toss on the incredible Seed Bead Knot Necklace and you and your outfit are a work of art! Accessories make an outfit your own.

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Pants Take Center Stage with Midnight Velvet

Pants! Who doesn’t wear them? Pants are the cornerstone of everyone’s wardrobe. What is your go-to pair? Is it black trousers that elevate everything? Perhaps it’s jeans that you can now wear everywhere including the office? Or maybe it’s khakis that pair oh so well with bright colors? Spring 2016 Midnight Velvet and I encourage you to think outside of the box! Yes, we want you to crank the volume up and push the envelope! Take a look at the  video to find out how.

Of course we have basics in every cut, shape and length, from wide legged palazzos to leggings and jeggings, and the cutest capris. But what about gauchos, which have made a very stylish return. Or the newest trend, “athleisure” which is athletic inspired pants that can be worn with tennis shoes for running errands or heels for a night out with the girls. Check out my favorites, the dion track pants, and pair them with a black tank and strappy black heels for an oh-so-of-the-moment look!

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A Peak Behind The Curtain! #Skincare

All it takes to make me, me.
All it takes to make me, me.

People often ask me what products I use to make my skin so good. It’s a complete compliment because most days I don’t think my skin is great! We all have things we want to change. As a Black man razor bumps have always been a concern. I’ve had bags since I was an infant! With the blessing that is melanin comes hyper pigmentation. The list goes on and on! But I do think most days I look good. So there it is, what’s in my medicine cabinet! A look behind this wizard’s curtain.

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Black, White, & Red with Midnight Velvet

Spring & Summer is not always about pastels. Sometimes it’s about the classic ease and chic of black & white. As I once stated in an earlier video for MV “Black and white is always right!” It sounds a little cheeky but it’s true! In our current catalog, I extol the virtues of black, white & red in a new video. I picked red because it’s a color that universally looks good on every woman! Red is probably the most evocative color! It’s sexy… Think red lipstick or lingerie. And few things communicate power or command attention like a bold red suit.

Do you think the bold statement of red is too much for you? Well I have the solution. Pair it with black & white! As a fashion stylist I always suggest to my clients, who are afraid of color,  to use it as an accent. Take our gorgeous black and white side swipe dress and pair it with red pumps or one of our killer red bags! Now that’s bold. Use color with the cool of black and white to create standout individual looks!

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Boho Romance with Midnight Velvet

Trends come and go but style is forever. I believe that, yet some trends exist beyond fast fashion. Some trends are so good they aren’t trendy but are truly stylish. In our newest Midnight Velvet video “Boho Romance”, I highlight some pieces that I believe are timeless.

There’s a sexy chevron lace dress that can be worn a million different ways. Yes, the length, texture and color are sooooo boho chic, but that dress is also perfect for work under a blazer. It’s perfect for a fabulous night out with a great pair of heels (and stunning sliver jewelry) and it’s the absolute height of fashion’s boho moment when paired a faux fur vest.

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The Allure of Lace with Midnight Velvet

Few things are more classic and more evocative of elegance than lace. At once feminine and mysterious, it’s often thought of as delicate. From the purity of white lace on your wedding day, to the sexy wink of a red lace nighty, lace is the chicest chameleon. Lace is ultra feminine yet super strong. It’s a classic that begs for re-invention season after season. Lace can be sexy and demure depending upon the mood of the wearer. It’s a glance and a hidden secret when worn for the one you love.

Lace never goes out of style. It morphs into whatever look the wearer dares to imagine. This year more than ever lace pops up in the most stunning and unsuspected places. You can see some of the latest styles from Midnight Velvet in the video, “Feminine, Flirty Lace. 

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