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The Allure of Lace with Midnight Velvet

Few things are more classic and more evocative of elegance than lace. At once feminine and mysterious, it’s often thought of as delicate. From the purity of white lace on your wedding day, to the sexy wink of a red lace nighty, lace is the chicest chameleon. Lace is ultra feminine yet super strong. It’s a classic that begs for re-invention season after season. Lace can be sexy and demure depending upon the mood of the wearer. It’s a glance and a hidden secret when worn for the one you love.

Lace never goes out of style. It morphs into whatever look the wearer dares to imagine. This year more than ever lace pops up in the most stunning and unsuspected places. You can see some of the latest styles from Midnight Velvet in the video, “Feminine, Flirty Lace

You’ll see that lace can be flirty, fun and downright fabulous in the form of a classic white dress. It’s modern and chic when the edge of leather or denim is added to the mix. It adds cool and hipness to a must have purse. Lace is covetable on a stunning shoe that looks as great with jeans as it does with a dress. And with the boho chic moment that swept the Spring Summer 2016 runways, lace is oh so au courant!

Ladies embrace this timeless classic in it’s new and modern remix!

For Midnight Velvet I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist!

Watch the Midnight Velvet video on Bold & Contemporary fashions

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