Boho Romance with Midnight Velvet

Trends come and go but style is forever. I believe that, yet some trends exist beyond fast fashion. Some trends are so good they aren’t trendy but are truly stylish. In our newest Midnight Velvet video “Boho Romance”, I highlight some pieces that I believe are timeless.

There’s a sexy chevron lace dress that can be worn a million different ways. Yes, the length, texture and color are sooooo boho chic, but that dress is also perfect for work under a blazer. It’s perfect for a fabulous night out with a great pair of heels (and stunning sliver jewelry) and it’s the absolute height of fashion’s boho moment when paired a faux fur vest.

The main reason I believe boho is a trend that transcends trendy is there are so many things that fall under its stylish umbrella. Suede, fringe, embroidery, lace, fur, boot cut denim, ponchos, cross body bags are all part of the bohemian trend. Classic bohemian chic is the Minnetonka gladiator or boot. The suede fringe is just so cool and evocative of fashionable ease. If that’s too hippie for you don’t worry. Boho goes luxe in a metallic fringe cross body bag that is fun, flirty and hip and elevates the most casual looks!

I think my favorite piece in fashion’s boho revival is the poncho inspired sweater. It’s back and it’s the perfect update from a boring blazer or cardigan. I love the nisha melange sweater with it’s poncho details and fringe! It adds a jolt of style to jeans and when paired with a solid dress? Forget about it! Add a pair of high boots and you are right off the runway haute!

When I think “boho romance” I think of style icons like Ali McGraw in Love Story, or Stevie Nicks rocking out on stage! It’s also new icons like Kate Moss with her flawless personal style. Can’t you just see Kate on the streets of New York in the embroidered georgette kurta paired with a pair of capris and strappy sandals, toting a big suede bag with fringe? And let’s not forget oversized sunglasses! Perfect.

Ladies boho romance is a trend we can all fall in love with! For Midnight Velvet, I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist.

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