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Make a Statement with Midnight Velvet

We’ve all heard the saying “Clothes make the man.” Well if that’s true, accessories make the woman extraordinary! In our current Make A Statement video, Midnight Velvet and I extol the virtues of piling on the luxe. How does any outfit become an incredible outfit? It’s the artful use of accessories. Think of your wardrobe as art. Each day is a brand new canvas. You begin by sketching the outline, so you pull out a blue suit. Now inspiration hits; “How about that vibrant print blouse?” Feeling happily inspired you grab red pumps!

This painting is almost finished but it needs something… Accessories are the little flourishes, or brush strokes, that add life to your look! Toss on the incredible Seed Bead Knot Necklace and you and your outfit are a work of art! Accessories make an outfit your own.

As a stylist I recommend not buying trendy clothes to build your wardrobe. Buy classic pieces, that are well made and tailored, and work well together, then go buck wild with accessories! Accessories instantly update an outfit and add whimsy, edge or class to a look. They help communicate what you are feeling to the world! They are the exclamation mark at the end of your sentence!

So ladies, if you need a little pick me up or a boost, look no further than Midnight Velvet’s incredible collection of statement jewelry and accessories! For Midnight Velvet I’m your personal stylist Marcellas Reynolds.

Watch the Midnight Velvet video on Bold & Contemporary fashions

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