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Black, White, & Red with Midnight Velvet

Spring & Summer is not always about pastels. Sometimes it’s about the classic ease and chic of black & white. As I once stated in an earlier video for MV “Black and white is always right!” It sounds a little cheeky but it’s true! In our current catalog, I extol the virtues of black, white & red in a new video. I picked red because it’s a color that universally looks good on every woman! Red is probably the most evocative color! It’s sexy… Think red lipstick or lingerie. And few things communicate power or command attention like a bold red suit.

Do you think the bold statement of red is too much for you? Well I have the solution. Pair it with black & white! As a fashion stylist I always suggest to my clients, who are afraid of color,  to use it as an accent. Take our gorgeous black and white side swipe dress and pair it with red pumps or one of our killer red bags! Now that’s bold. Use color with the cool of black and white to create standout individual looks!

So ladies here are my must haves in black, white and red! Our Eva mesh inset dress is a sexy twist on the little black dress. It’s terrific for a big night out! Every woman needs a remixed white shirt to wear under suits or in the summer with black capris! My fave is the nipped in at the waist theatric shirt! When worn with the Ariel slingbacks and rolled up boyfriend jeans you have the perfect summer outfit! Now grab our red dome satchel by Lily & Ivy (the bag of the moment) and wear it with everything!

For Midnight Velvet I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist!

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