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Best Menswear Shops In L.A.!


So Details did THE BEST MENS SHOPS IN L.A. Though I agree with their choices why only 3? Yes, LA is incredibly style challenged. On any given day all you see is too-skinny, slacker actors in too-skinny colored jeans, vintage tees and those girly lil tennis shoes that make a man’s foot look like he’s a tranny at an all girls parochial school. This however just means they should stop shopping at Urban Outfitters (in the girls section) or Fred Segal (in any section).

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Valentine’s Day ’10: Love In A New Decade.

E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.
E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.

It’s 2010 and if you are reading this it means we’re already a month into a new year. Time is moving quickly. The world is becoming more and more advanced. Is there time for age old conventions like ‘romance’ and ‘love’ in our modern world? I say yes. As we become more global yet separate with advances in technology, I for one think the human connection & its celebration is the most important thing we can do.

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Chic At The Beach…

Summer is full-on, flat out here. If you don’t have that swimsuit body by now, guess what? You are way too late. It’s time to step up to the plate and into summers hottest swim wear. And we gonna toss a few cute tees in and call it an outfit!

andrew christian

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Maury, NYC, The Skin & The Master Cleanse! Randomness 8…

I’m just back from NYC. I did The Maury Show. Todd Newton was also on. It was fun. And of course now I wanna be the new Connie Chung. Maury is cute. My episode is about videos on YouTube. And you know how I feel about that. I mean apparently there is video of me trimming my nose hair while Janelle and Erika do their eyebrows. If you downloaded that you are sick. And if you watched? Twisted. Hey divas gotta groom. It’s all about maintenance. And I couldn’t kit out to have my girl Babette do it for me now could I?

I spent a bit of time in NYC. I still have many friends there. Crazy Makeba, my Kiki, Legs, Tom and E. And gosh I lived there on and off for years while playing model. I once loved the city. Not so much anymore. Once you live in Cali, it changes everything. Though NYC is cleaner than ever, it’s still dirty. And there are far too many people there. And the traffic is unlike anywhere else in the world. And if I saw one more girl in skinny jean shoved into high boot I swear I was gonna throw up! Everyone was doing it! Fat girls. Skinny girls! Short girls! Black girls. Asian girls. Rich girls. Poor girls. Hell even the Latin girls were doing it and it’s not sexy. Latin girls usually don’t follow a trend unless it’s sexy. I don’t think you are gonna see Giselle or Adriana looking like Peter Pan or Captain Jack Sparrow wearing stupid roll down boots with jeans tucked into them. All that’s missing is a hook and a parrot on your shoulder! Hold it. Let me amend that. On Giselle and Adriana it looks right. But anything looks right on them so…

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Chic Flights!

Often there are cuties on board or a pretty flight attendant (also, the paparazzi stakes out the L.A. to New York route). You gotta look good getting on and off the plane! Wear fabrics w/a bit of stretch that won’t wrinkle. Try Earnest Sewn Jeans (my fave) or dark Diesel’s in the fanker cut. Add on a simple top or polo. A Cashmere sweater thrown over the shoulder completes the look. For shoes try the classic Tod’s driving shoe, old-school tennies or even flip flops (w/socks “Marcellas-Style”)! The sweater is crucial as it becomes a chic way to stay warm in-flight.

Any dermatologist (mine is Dr. Lawrence Rivkin in Beverly Hills) will tell you, water is crucial to good skin. I drink @ least 8 oz. for each hour I’m on-board. Once you could bring your own bottle(s). Now you have to beg! And NO, Coke and coffee don’t count! Alcohol? Bad idea. It dehydrates.

Amber Valetta, Supermodel/Actress, recommends the following: Dab on eye cream. Mine is Neem Eye Cream by Sundari. Add moisturizer. I use oil-free Kapha Moisturizer by Sundari or Dr. Patricia Wexler’s Acnostat Lotion w/salicylic acid if I’m experiencing a breakout. My addition to this would be lip balm. My favorite is Rosebud Strawberry and I love Perfumeria Gal Madrid Fragranced Lip Balm in Pear!

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Mash Up: Remixed! versus 106 & Park

The Cast of Remixed! on 106 & Park
The cast of Remixed! sits down with Big Tigger and Julissa on 106 & Park

Last week I flew to New York to appear on BET’s 106 & Park. The entire cast of Remixed! was asked to do a little PR. Since Joia and I live in L.A. we decided to fly out together. Joia arrives at five am my house to catch the Super Shuttle. Yeah, I said Super Shuttle. Fifteen bucks ain’t bad when no car service is being provided. But why was the driver blasting smooth jazz way too loud at 5:15 am? Even after I asked him to turn it down. Once at LAX, the holiday crush was in full effect. The line to get upstairs to the security line to get to the gate was over a block long. Finally, we are on the plane. Delta Song. G-H-E-T-T-O. No 1st class. No business class. They don’t have it. Two rows of seats, three seats in each row. What is that Police song, “packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes?” It was however cool that they have DISHTV. I got to watch an episode of “Remixed!” at 40,000 feet. That was cool. I had a mile-high moment with myself. Alright, not really but watching myself on TV, on a plane was very cool.

The plane lands (thank you Father), and we arrive only to discover New York is in the midst of a transit strike. Luckily BET has a car for us, the driver was cute and very good at what he does. An hour later, a fast trip through Harlem, and we are at our hotel. If you haven’t stayed at the Hudson Hotel, you should. It’s nice. The rooms are tiny. The bathrooms are chic. The artwork is by my fave artist, Francesco Clemente and the restaurant and bar scene is very good. The guy who checked us in was hot and gave me the eye.

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