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Valentine’s Day ’10: Love In A New Decade.

E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.
E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.

It’s 2010 and if you are reading this it means we’re already a month into a new year. Time is moving quickly. The world is becoming more and more advanced. Is there time for age old conventions like ‘romance’ and ‘love’ in our modern world? I say yes. As we become more global yet separate with advances in technology, I for one think the human connection & its celebration is the most important thing we can do.

Who says valentines are just for lovers? You can send a valentine to any loved one. Here are 5 gifts that celebrate love in all it’s forms.
Parent to child:

The gift of reading is a life-long one. There is nothing better a parent can pass on to a child than a love of learning. Think about being read to as a child. Those private moments between you and your parents, where lessons are taught, stories are told and child bonds to parent. One of my favorite books is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Published in 1943 it is the story of a young boy’s search for love and self-knowledge. There are so many gorgeous quotes in this book. My favorite is “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” If only everyone believed this.



Co-workers? Yes, I said it. Co-workers. Think about how much time you and your co-workers spend together. Often it’s more time than spent with friends or family. If you’d buy them a Christmas card, why not a Valentine’s Day card? In an effort not to make this creepy/stalker-ish I suggest giving EVERYONE in your office a valentine (like you did in primary school). How fun, right? And while you are at it give the classic Valentine’s Day candy hearts by NECCO. And don’t worry, some of the newer ones have replaced ‘Be Mine’ with ‘Tres Chic.’ Tres tres chic indeed!


Owner to pet:
Now I am not a proponent of bestiality. In fact I don’t really like pets, though I do have a black tetra named Marcellas. Love is love and people love their pets. I have to admit there are few things cuter than little dogs in outfits. Unless they happen to be held by annoying starlets named after major fashion capitals who have no style whatsoever. I love DoggieVogue.com. They make adorable little sweaters for dogs that I wish they made for humans! I love a Fair Isle knit.


I sometime think I love my friends more than I like most of my suitors. To find a friend that you really connect with and trust is a rare blessing. It deserves to be acknowledged, exalted and rewarded. I never get enough one-on-one time with my ‘bestie’ so this year I’m treating my pal to a weekend at the W Hotel. We are getting massages, mani/pedis and salt scrubs at Bliss Spa. Then I’m hooking up with my beau all smooth and silky! See, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.


All the cliches apply: champagne and chocolates (Dom Perignon and Godiva), lingerie (Carol Malony), sexy undies (Hello Kitty), and sex. As I type this month’s article, looking for glamorous things to ignite passion or show love, my heart is not in it. Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake. A country already devastated by poverty and strife. My suggestion to show the one you love or desire the depth of your emotion? Donate money to the American Red Cross in their name. Then tell them you love them. Tell them that this world is better with them in it and you never want to know a world without them. Happy Valentine’s Day.



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