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Social Media

@MarqueeMarc ON Twitter!

So I don’t blog enough though I spend way too much time on Twitter where my handle (how very 70s trucker CB radio) is MarqueeMarc. I wanna expand my blog. I’ve struggled for years to find a tone. When I… Read More »@MarqueeMarc ON Twitter!

Spend Oscar Nite W/Reichen, Jai and I!

If you are in Los Angeles come hang out and cheer on your Oscar faves! Tickets are $20 and a portion of the proceeds benefit local LGBT charities. And don’t forget I’m Project Angel Food! Please click here and donate!

My Xmas Present!

So an amazing make-up artist gave me the cutest Xmas present. Samuel Paul. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a hottie! I met him on MySpace and have become a huge fan of his work as a make-up artist. He also… Read More »My Xmas Present!

The Race Entry Part II

It’s late, or is it early? I’m experiencing mind-numbing insomnia. Since I returned from Chicago, I can’t sleep. Actually, I couldn’t sleep in Chicago. There I thought it was the time difference. Insomnia is the worst. I can’t get to… Read More »The Race Entry Part II

The Race Entry

Recently, I met a guy, or should I say a guy met me. He hit me up, made the initial approach if you will. The conversation was great. He was cute, smart, and had BODY. He was sexy. Since he… Read More »The Race Entry