So I don’t blog enough though I spend way too much time on Twitter where my handle (how very 70s trucker CB radio) is MarqueeMarc. I wanna expand my blog. I’ve struggled for years to find a tone. When I started my blog entries were usually stream of consciousness, what’s going on with me posts. But because of the web I became a bit weary/leery. Seeing things posted about me that were often mean and even more often not true made me gun shy. I pulled back. I started talking less about my life and more about the superfluous; what nail polish colors I like or the length of skirt or fit of pant I think will be huge this season.

Recently I was approached to monetize my blog. You know, how you go to PerezHilton or JustJared and there are ads everywhere and pop-ups. I was even given steps to make my blog more popular and therefore more lucrative. Apparently I need more content, more “snark” and more postings about celebrities and gossip. Is that something I wanna do? No. Is it because I’m too lazy? Kinda. Or not inspired? No, I find inspiration everywhere. Then why?  I don’t know that I wanna be the person fastidiously cataloging the lives of others. Or my own.

Tone. It’s all about tone. What would the tone of my blog be? Am I mean and snarky? I know I can be, but does the Universe need more of that? And what is the price you pay from snark? Everything comes at a price. If I’m mean about what a celeb wears or does or is, does that come back to me tenfold? Aren’t I opening myself up to meanness if I’m in fact mean about others?

I work for E! Networks a lot. I’m very lucky they have embraced me. I have more appearances on Style’s How Do I Look than any other stylist. I’ve hosted 2 shows, E!’s Perfect Catch & BET’s Re-mixed, that though they haven’t translated into multi-season hits, have been triumphs for me because they were mine. Because in the moment of being hired I was validated. Out of all the people in Hollywood vying for this gig, you are the best. Take it, it’s yours. In all my TV appearances I strive to find tone. Not to be too mean (that sounds bitter, even jealous) and not to be too gay. I can’t stand over-the-top, histrionic, hyper-feminine gay guys screaming about the shoe of the moment, while wearing too much make-up & flat-ironed hair. Though I know that sells, it does seem like a sell-out. The gay version of Blackface. I’ve even learned in auditions when the director says “that was great but can you be bigger?” that bigger means gayer. And I can give you that. Depending on how badly I need the gig.

I digress…

I find myself on Twitter way too often. Tweeting away in 140 character bursts about my life. Inanities like what I’m wearing or who I wanna date. Humorous rants on journeys I take on the bus that inevitably become fantastic. Exalting in triumphs like a good audition or failures like a bad audition. Flirting with porn stars. Being completely sexually inappropriate in ways that a real celeb would never be. Warring with the occasional idiot fan of some show I’ve done that wants to grind an ax & put me in my place. And most often chatting with “friends” I shall never meet. This post is about me on Twitter. And strangely Twitter has brought me back full circle. I now wanna blog more. And I want my blog to be more personal. But I never want ads on my blog. And I never want anything on my blog that would make someone else sad.

Here’s a few of my fave Tweets. Musings in 140 characters. I hope you like.

Men & relationships:

MarqueeMarc Dear Universe- Please let Stanley Tucci be gay & like Black men who are bald w/a penchant for blazers & scarves. Oh & I want a pony. Thx- M*

MarqueeMarc If I could have 1 thing on Earth right now it would be Cory Monteith. Yeah that or 1 of those really expensive Fabergé eggs. And a pony! M*

MarqueeMarc Was just a lil mean 2 an ex. He said “I see you on TV all the time.” My reply: “Any closer & I’ll get a restraining order.” Ah the net… M*

MarqueeMarc Ladies if U must have a nanny make sure she is old & ugly. It may scare UR kids but U won’t have 2 worry bout hubby bangin her. Or killin U.

MarqueeMarc Girls! If U live w/a guy & every time he logs off computer history is cleared, temp files deleted, no trace left, he cheating & prob gay. M*

MarqueeMarc I think I’m going to pull a Sue Sylvester & marry myself. I’m registered at Barneys, Fendi Casa & Garrard. M*

MarqueeMarc – Perfect Catch! My name actually on the TV screen in programming guide. Amazing. M* #FB

MarqueeMarc If I’m ever lucky enough 2 be nominated 4 something & don’t win when they cut 2 me I’m gonna be screamin & cryin & tossin stuff! Film @ 11.

MarqueeMarc SATC 2 looks like a clusterfuck of near epic proportions & they all look like the animals from Furry Vengeance in saris. There. I said it.

MarqueeMarc Often in society a Black man is blamed. Let me take a moment & blame that fuc*er Usher for da fu*kery that is Justin Bieber. Fu*k you Usher.

MarqueeMarc Usher it’s time you started acting & dressing your age & stop swagging your pants & wearing suspect jewelry. M* #hireastylistwhoaintghetto

MarqueeMarc Time Kanye, Eminem, Taylor, Drake & Lady Gaga put a hit out on Justin Bieber. If I’m on jury y’all innocent. Not guilty by reason of talent.

MarqueeMarc Um mm… Memo to MTV, that everyone else got but you didn’t… Jackass? No longer relevant. We’ve got Lindsay & Jersey Shore for that now.


MarqueeMarc The boot in LA is killin people! Killin them! I’ve seen more bad boots on mediocre girls today! Like a regional audition 4 Pirates of Penzance.

MarqueeMarc Girls! On what planet was it ever correct to put a boot on w/a short? There are aliens amongst us. & they wanna kill us w/bad taste! M*

MarqueeMarc A sure sign of coming apocalypse is when men start tucking skinny jeans into boots. UR mother does that! U look like a bitch. Stop it! #FB

MarqueeMarc Kate Moss / Alexander McQueen Hologram Starting the morning in mourning. How terribly sad. RIP Genius Alexander McQueen. M*

MarqueeMarc When every1 deserted her he stood by her. The amazing Kate Moss hologram from McQueen 2006 F/W M*

MarqueeMarc The worst thing about having any sort of notoriety is how vicious people can be about you. People that never met you say the ugliest things.

MarqueeMarc Y do peeps always say ‘It’s not mine’ when arrested 4 possession of coke & drug paraphernalia? I’d be like ‘It’s mine! Help! I need Jesus!’

MarqueeMarc My life summed up in 2 lines from Glee: ‘I am like Tinkerbell. I need applause to LIVE.’ – Rachel to Finn. Me to the world. M* #FB

MarqueeMarc Aww! Guy just asked me if I wanted a ride. Hell no! My goal in life is to not find myself @ bottom of pit putting lotion on the skin. M* #FB

MarqueeMarc Key 2 not look like UR auditioning 4 Glee or All That Jazz is 2 watch UR hands & not smile. Smiling & jazz hands = gay dancer.

MarqueeMarc The casting director just said ‘hi Marcellas, I see you TV all the time.’ Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m gonna say a good thing.

MarqueeMarc When an ‘actress’ has the nerve to bring a small dog to an audition not for animals I believe you have carte blanche to punch her. M* #FB

MarqueeMarc I wonder if you’ve gotten a tattoo on your face if you ever wake up in the morning & think ‘That was a really poor decision. My bad.’ M*

MarqueeMarc Please God don’t let 2 old men on bus who are about to fight have a gun & start shooting. I don’t want my obit to say ‘Died on bus.’ M* #FB

MarqueeMarc Dear Latino Drag Queen On Bus- Please stop staring at me. It’s not gonna happen. Love your hair. Nice updo. Sincerely- M* #FB

MarqueeMarc HAPPY PLACE NOW: penguins, Barneys shoe section, Milan, my bed, kittens, Famous Cupcakes, my bed, Cafe Gitane. The bus just got crazy! M*

MarqueeMarc What’s beyond shock? Stasis? Drag queen just took down hair & shook it at me sexy. Guy across gnawing on wart on thumb. I’m nauseous. M*

MarqueeMarc Choking back tears on bus. This is like the Wild Damn West. You don’t wanna show weakness! Just look straight ahead! No eye contact! M*

MarqueeMarc Never make eye contact w/someone you think is a gypsy. No I do not want a reading. At CVS. In the condom aisle. I know I need Jesus. M*

MarqueeMarc Coming out w/my own scent. Smells like sex, Paul Smith shoes, vanilla Famous Cupcakes & McDonald’s pomme frites. My very favorite things…

MarqueeMarc I can’t sit in the seat of “I didn’t.” I stand in the space of “I did.” Spent days sad about “coulda been.” Happy today about “next!” M* #FB

MarqueeMarc At 1st I thought the ‘little piggy’ Geico commercial was brill, then cute, now the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen. And very creepy. M*

MarqueeMarc I hate this Geico pig commercial so much! At 1st I was like “AWWW! Babe.” Now I’m like “Kill it, skin it, let’s make pork rinds.” M*

MarqueeMarc We must never think one moment is the moment. It can be a great moment in a collection of moments so that we are always looking forward. M*

MarqueeMarc Something about Bill Cosby scares me. For years I thought he was my dad. & not the alien replacement yelling at me from the barcalounger. M*

MarqueeMarc You have to decide to be happy then fight tooth & nail to achieve it. Today I’m happy. M*

MarqueeMarc Dear Manwich- Meat is murder. We aren’t stupid. You can shove all the bell peppers you want in that can. Best- M*

MarqueeMarc I saw the best & worst in humanity today at Lanvin. People pushing, screaming, some biting. Sorry about that. I really wanted that blazer.

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