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Girls I Like! The Legends Edition.

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate beauty. And talent. So without further ado here is GIRLS I LIKE! The legends edition.

I knew I wanted to be in fashion the first time I saw Linda Evangelista. I guess I wanted to be a model because of her. Or a fashion stylist. Honestly, I just wanted to be her! She was sooooo beautiful and chic! It was an ad for Barneys, shot by Steven Miesel. Linda had a shoe perched atop her head kissing a chimp. It was brilliant!

Christy Turlington was originally booked for that Barney’s campaign but she got sick and the rest is history.

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A Day In My Life…

A lil #Blackboymagic on set at Bonton! Aireal Boyd & Tradell are so handsome!! They remind me of my friends and I during our model days in the mid-nineties. You just want to work, and be liked, and do the… Read More »A Day In My Life…

Best Boots for Fall with Midnight Velvet

Nancy Sinatra once crooned “These boots are made for walking” and truer words have never been sang this season at Midnight Velvet. Boots, boots, boots and more boots! Boy do we have them! High boots with stacked heels like our Dune boot in blue suede. Biker jacket inspired boots with luxe details and hip hardware like our knee high Quilt Front Boot! Booties with fringe in suede like our Side Fringe Shootie, Or my favorites the Claudia Bootie in vibrant red or leopard print! And that’s just to name a few!

Fall and Winter are all about boots. They aren’t just for warmth, they’re also about style! The boot looks cool when paired with leggings or skinny jeans. Pants with a thin silhouette really showcase the boot. Another of my favorite ways to wear boots or booties is with skirts! Skirts paired with boots and textured tights is a great way to be warm and cool for Fall. Play with proportion and show off those lovely legs with an a-line skirt to the knee paired with booties or a mini skirt worn high boots!

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Wardrobe Stylist Marcellas Reynolds

This is the most comprehensive collection of all my work ever! Check it out here at dripbook.com/Marcellas!

Love Those Leggings with Midnight Velvet

I distinctly remember in recent years when the legging made it triumphant comeback. But remember not too long ago the legging and it’s slightly staid older sister the stirrup pant were passé. They were replaced in the mid-nineties to early two thousands when the trouser came roaring back, heralded by designers like Darryl K, Katayone Adeli & Helmut Lang. Do you remember that moment when it was all about sharply designed pants in stove pipes, bell bottoms and flares? And pleats disappeared and it all at once became about the flat front low slung trouser?

Yet through it all, all along, in the back of your mind, and probably the back of your closet, there was at least one pair of black leggings. And you know why? No, you know why! Because nothing is as easy, comfortable and versatile as a great pair of leggings!

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Girl get your gauchos on!

At the end of my latest video with Midnight Velvet about Gauchos I say “Girl get your gauchos on!” and I mean it. Gaucho, culottes, split skirts or whatever you want to call them, this cropped wide legged pant is one of Fall 2016’s hottest trends. I love gauchos because they are a modern update to pants and let’s face it, they are fun!

Every woman has to wear pants. They are a work staple. And it’s hard to get excited about them. Enter the gaucho! The gaucho adds style and whimsy to the pant discussion! They are a cool length that showcases your legs, and boldly shows off your shoe game.

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