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River In Cannes!

Shopping with River on Melrose.

As a wardrobe stylist you never know what gigs will come your way. Recently I got a call to style top model River Viiperi for his 1st trip to the Cannes Film Festival. River really wanted to dress with a bit more polish & swag. For me it was a dream opportunity to work with a rising star.

Dressed to take off. River & Paris at LAX.

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My Fave Pics!

"I don't know... Animal print is so..." M*

This cracks me up! Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not one for gender play. I don’t like drag, hate men who wear make-up but in a rare moment of silliness…

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The Week In Pics 3/29!

I love this photo. That’s Paris Hilton behind the wheel. And that’s the sisters Kardashian bound & gagged in the trunk of Ford Italy’s Figo. It’s funny because it’s true. Okay it’s not but how funny would it be? Triple K is considering a lawsuit. Like they need more money… Several employees at the ad agency & manufacturer have been fired.

I love this pic. The Teen Choice Awards seem like a nightmare, but this pic is what young Hollywood is all about. Katy looks fresh & sexy in oh so on trend Herve Leger. (John who?) Kristen looks happy, fun & light as air while holding Louboutins. (Robert who?) Selena looks gorgeous, young & happy hanging w/her girls! (Justin who?) Amanda & Lindsay you are not invited.

I hate this photo. Queen B, enough. Go sit down. Though with this new tour, that isn’t happening. Ain’t you got a kid to raise? Take a break. You are everywhere. When does the Kim Kardashian/Anne Hathaway-style hate for Bey start? And give someone else a chance to have a moment! Where is Ciara? Or Cassie?

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Hosting Pave’s “Fear No Fashion” Charity Gala


I’m honored to be hosting a charity fundraiser for PAVE an amazing charity benefiting victims of violence across the globe! If you are in Chicago Sept. 30th please join me!

From the site:
Join hundreds of guests Friday, September 30, 2011 at Chicago’s Bentley Gold Coast for the 4th annual Fear No Fashion charity fashion event to raise funding to support the efforts of PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment to “Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence”. Tickets here: http://fnf2011.eventbrite.com/

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Me On TV! Re-runs In July!

July looks amazing! 1st I’m editing my new hosting reel. It’s long overdue. I’ve put it off for ages waiting to get this epi of that or this clip of the other. Well no more. I’m in the studio working on it! And as soon as it’s done I’m going to post it here under VIDEO… ME ON FILM.

In late July I’m shooting another episode of my favorite recurring gig, How Do I Look. I love the show, the new  team and especially the host, my girlie Jeannie Mai!

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