One of my favorite recurring gigs is Style Network’s, How Do I Look. It’s a very fun set and a great crew. Finola Hughes is the gold standard among TV hosts. I just completed a new episode and here are some behind the scenes pics of “La Fin” and I on set!

And no, I’m not telling you if I won!

Just another day at work!

And remember, I am the newest on-air correspondent on Fox’s Reality Remix! You can watch my take every week on events in the Big Brother house Wednesdays at 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm & 11:00 pm PT. See what I have to say about BB8 and the new cast

Coming up this summer: Me on MTV’s Next with Omarosa making over daters for a hot red carpet night out and on Style Network’s 100 Greatest Celebrity Crimes of Fashion!

I’m just sayin…

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  1. Hey Marcellas!

    just checking in to see what you’re up to!
    nice to hear that Finola is as nice as she seems. I hate it when I find out someone I “like” is a total jerk.
    I just saw a pic of you with Ross Mathews on his blog – I LUV Ross! I’m seriously addicted to his talky blogs – YOU should do some talky blogs – OMG that would be so awesome!

    I saw your first RR show when the BB8 season started, but didn’t know you were still doing it! Will have to check it out… I’m so conflicted about who I like day to day! The consistent one is Jessica – I think she’s a doll.
    check back in with ya soon

  2. To steal your french phrase (which I’ve since totally absconded when appropriate), J’adore Finola Hughes! I’m so jealous you got to take a picture with her in your lap. Color me green. Glad to hear your gigs are working out so well! Good things come to those who wait… and those who are persistent. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Marcellas!

    After watching a recent episode of ‘How Do I Look?” (the mother/daughter episode) I had to contact you. Aside from the fact that you were great on the show, my husband who normally begrudgingly watches the show with me perked up this episode when saw noticed a tweed blazer you were wearing during the first half of the show. He is obsessing with finding out the designer of said blazer, and I was hoping you’d be able to let me know? Thanks πŸ™‚ Take care.

  4. Marcellas, Finola is so very classy. Please do stay away from Omarosa; she’s really not the image you wish to project.

  5. Note: Offtopic comment…

    Holy Crap Batman. I can’t believe you didn’t use that veto on yourself. I’m watching season 3 for the first time and just saw you get evicted. Wow, I was pulling for ya.


  6. Big Congrats Marci on the new gigs, but i gotta say it and say this with good intentions -> NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! A show with omagrosso?!?!?! please M NO, we love you too much to see you tied to a for-sure sinking ship with the likes of her.

  7. Marcellas how I love you – but I’m so nosy I can’t go 6 weeks with no new postings from you! Get with it girl!! I MUST know what you’ve been doing and with whom this summer. Long blog please!

    Much love and hugs!!

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