Craving Color with Midnight Velvet

It’s no coincidence that after the grayness of Winter comes the crush of color we call Spring. We crave it! Our eyes search for it. We long for the warmth of the sun’s yellow and golden rays. We’re starved for the lushness of green, in all it’s hues, as trees and grass come back to life around us. And who isn’t awed by the vibrance of Spring’s colorful blossoms?

This season Midnight Velvet and I are embracing “Fresh Color for Spring.” It’s a bold trend we saw on the runways in New York and Paris. It’s like the World’s great designers embraced their inner happy and want to spread joie de vivre! Now more than ever we need the fun, whimsy and optimism of color in fashion. Nothing communicates health, happiness and harmony more than that fabulous outfit you feel great in. Don’t get me wrong, black is chic! But when paired with vibrant red, lemony yellow, crisp white or royal blue it makes a powerful and positive statement about the wearer.

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Wearing color communicates so much! It confidently showcases your personal style. It’s hard not to be happy and feel good when your outfit is fabulous and everyone knows it. This spring is about colors named peach, celadon, lime, melon, & poppy! Turquoise and yellow show up in stunning accessories that look plucked from Spring’s most gorgeous gardens. It’s prints and florals and graphic color combos that leave you dizzy with desire (to shop)! And if you are scared of head to toe color remember; bold color mixes perfectly with classic black and white.

Be bold. Be brave. Be you! For Midnight Velvet I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist!

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