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I’m A Groomsmen!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BQJsto6DnJl/?taken-by=marqueemarc My day shopping for tuxedos for my friend Adam’s wedding in Mexico. I own a couple of tuxes but Adam wants all his groomsmen to match! If you must rent a tux THE BLK TUX is amazing!

River In Cannes!

Shopping with River on Melrose.

As a wardrobe stylist you never know what gigs will come your way. Recently I got a call to style top model River Viiperi for his 1st trip to the Cannes Film Festival. River really wanted to dress with a bit more polish & swag. For me it was a dream opportunity to work with a rising star.

Dressed to take off. River & Paris at LAX.

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Valentine’s Day ’10: Love In A New Decade.

E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.
E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.

It’s 2010 and if you are reading this it means we’re already a month into a new year. Time is moving quickly. The world is becoming more and more advanced. Is there time for age old conventions like ‘romance’ and ‘love’ in our modern world? I say yes. As we become more global yet separate with advances in technology, I for one think the human connection & its celebration is the most important thing we can do.

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Chic Valentine’s Gifts!


It approaches. The DAY. Valentine’s Day is actually named after two early Christian martyrs named Valentine. It’s celebration dates as far back as the middle ages. The tradition of sending cards and gifts spread to the states in 1847 when a woman in Massachusetts launched the first pre-printed valentine cards. Up to that point the notes were handwritten. The Greeting Card Association estimates nearly 1 billion valentines are sent each year. That’s a lot of declarations of love.

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Scents and Sensability!

Pool by John Skalickycorduroy

Scent is one of our most powerful senses. It inspires hunger, for food and more importantly, for sex. Pheromones. It’s not enough to look good. No. Part of having that extra edge is to smell good. It’s sexy. Every man should have colognes in his arsenal. Think of fragrance as an accessory. Fragrance is seasonal. For summer you want light, airy, fruity. For fall/winter you want full, musky, sexy.

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