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July 2015

Boldly Contemporary for Midnight Velvet

Marcellas Reynolds standing in front of a Midnight Velvet bold top

Is “bold” a dirty word to you? Do you think it’s bad to be bold? When you were little, did your mother tell you, “Don’t run! Be careful, you may fall.” Or did your father say “Children should be seen and not heard.” Well ladies, that day has past. Being bold is modern. Being bold is about meeting life’s everyday challenges and looking beautiful doing it. It’s not an attitude; it’s a mindset.

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Chic Pairings: Black and White for Midnight Velvet

Who doesn’t love black and white?! Some looks exist beyond trend and are so classic that you don’t think of one without the other. It’s like milk and cookies. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Peanut butter and jelly. Abbott and Costello. Black and white. (Do you have any to add? Comment below!)

Wearing all black can be harsh. It immediately evokes images of too fashion-y. Too dressy. Or perhaps you are trying too hard to be hip. Wearing all white can be too pure. Too hard to maintain. And of course not appropriate for all year round.

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Hot List July ’15!

My mini list of the things I love right this second! My Current Faves: Hot Read – Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Hot Movie – Dope Hot Designer – The Hill-Side https://twitter.com/thehill_side Hot Shopping District – Venice’s Abbot Kinney Hot… Read More »Hot List July ’15!

Marcellas for Midnight Velvet!

Marcellas for Midnight
Marcellas for Midnight

How excited am I to be a part of the Midnight Velvet family? Two years ago my dear friend, make-up artist extraordinaire Maureen Burke, introduced me to the team at Midnight Velvet. Maureen has worked with MV for years as their Makeup Artist as well as the judge and beauty expert for the makeover contest Midnight Velvet once had. She’d also been trying to bring MV & I together. Maureen knew my TV work and thought the addition of a fashion stylist to the makeover contest would be exciting. Talk about a match made in heaven! Coming up this fall, you’re going to see me offering style tips & ideas in a series of videos. The first video introduces this amazing partnership with me.

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