Chic Pairings: Black and White for Midnight Velvet

Marcellas Reynolds & Midnight Velvet's Black & White Collection

Who doesn’t love black and white?! Some looks exist beyond trend and are so classic that you don’t think of one without the other. It’s like milk and cookies. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Peanut butter and jelly. Abbott and Costello. Black and white. (Do you have any to add? Comment below!)

Wearing all black can be harsh. It immediately evokes images of too fashion-y. Too dressy. Or perhaps you are trying too hard to be hip. Wearing all white can be too pure. Too hard to maintain. And of course not appropriate for all year round.

White calms the hard edge of black. It makes it approachable. Black gives white edge and attitude. Together these polar opposites on the color spectrum bring out the coolness in each other. When I look at my own closet I think ease when I think black and white. What’s chicer than a sharp black suit when paired with a crisp white shirt. It’s the perfect base for an outfit.

Now bring in the accessories! Add that big, gorgeous, bold statement necklace that you don’t know what to wear it with. I bet it looks great when paired with black and white. Or how about a great colorful purse or boldly colored pumps or flats with a black and white outfit?

Black and white is the classic combo that allows you to be your chicest.

You can watch me chatting more about this fabulous duo in a video on Midnight Velvet’s Style Ideas & More page.

In the video, I’m featuring several items from Midnight Velvet’s black & white collection including a color-block dress, a cross-over geometric skirt, a houndstooth backpack, and a bling fedora. They are all in what color combo? You know it—Black & White!

2 thoughts on “Chic Pairings: Black and White for Midnight Velvet

  1. Welcome to Midnight Velvet Marcellas Reynolds. I love your style, your choice in ladies wear, accessories, etc. Thank you. If I were rich, I’d ask you to become my personal dresser. I’ve always loved things different step ahead but always in style. I love boots and heels, not too high beyond 3 1/2 is too much. Keep your styles coming. Thanks again…

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