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12 Of 12… Deux

Every twelfth day of every month take 12 pics to document the day. And in a way your life. I skipped last month (lost digital camera) but here is A Day In The Life Of Me:

This is me waking up. I sleep with Mr. Incredible and my cell phone. My phone is the 1st thing I touch in the morning. It usually wakes me up. My mom and brother can’t seem to grasp the fact that there is a time difference. Neither can my agents. But in their (agents) case the time diff is my general laziness as I like to sleep ’til noon.

I like this one too…

The 1st text of the day. R I feel the same way…

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha… I brush and floss. Those new floss stick things have changed the game. They are cute and match my towels and washcloths…

This is how I store my products. Everyone says “Your bathroom looks like a drug store!” I’m a Sundari boy and anything with alpha-hydroxy. I also bathe with baby wash. Boys (men) like it. It smells good.

I got returns to do. Bed, Bath and Beyond and a quick trip to CBS TVC. My girl G is picking me up. What to wear? Hm mm…Oh def my hot new Ponys. J’adore!

Bed Bath and Beyond. Oooh cheap white sheets and something to deal with the moths that are chowing down on my vintage Harris tweed and Gucci cashmere! At least they have good taste!

Laundry. I do more laundry than anyone I know. I have to wash everything twice. Especially whites. Once with detergent and bleach and once just water. And full cycles. It’s how my whites stay so white.

Steaming. I steam everything. This is my fave new tee. It’s Bruce. Icon.

Mani/Pedi anyone. Normally I hit Burke Williams but today? @ home. Vogue, check. Implements of terror, check. Smart Water, check. Cell, check. Feet, check.

Shall we begin? And not a moment too soon. I was looking like a Yeti with burrow digging toes! Okay not really but it’s funny.

Flip flops and socks. The pedi is done.

What didn’t make the cut: Me watching back-to-back epis of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Me watching arena football. Me napping on the sofa. Me eating left-over Papa John’s Chicken Alfredo Pizza.

2 thoughts on “12 Of 12… Deux”

  1. Hi Marcellas,

    Caught your link from Chad’s sight and have been sprodadically reading for a couple of months!

    Excellent 12 of 12! Please, I beg you, come organise my shelves!!! They are a disaster zone at the moment!

    Feel free to check out my 12 of 12 from the land down under!


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