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Work, Work, Work

Marcellas Reynolds on the Set of The Bold and The Beautiful
Marcellas Reynolds is “Micah Okwu” on the The Bold and The Beautiful

I’ve been working non-stop for the past seven months. From How Do I Look on the Style network to House Calls at cbs.com to BET’s Remixed to On Q Live. I’ve been on a roll, and it’s been great. Remixed filmed its last episode of the season two weeks ago. The entire shoot, I was praying for the end. I just wanted it to be over. It was incredibly hard. I loved my co-hosts. I never met three such giving people, but shooting Remixed was challenging. Then you are at the end, and there’s that FEAR. The fear you may never work again. The fear that this is a fluke and you’ll be back selling shoes, which isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened. Actually, I made a lot of money selling shoes, but feet are not so glamorous no matter to whom they are connected. Luckily I went right into hosting a week of On Q Live for the Q Television Network. That just ended, and now I’m unemployed!

Marcellas Reynolds on the set of The Bold and The Beautiful
Marcellas Reynolds is “Micah Okwu” on the The Bold and The Beautiful

What is there to do? Maybe I should hit the gym and try to work off those extra pounds from months of craft services? After a long spurt of work, most people want to go on vacation. It is the Holidays. Maybe a jaunt down to the Dominican Republic is in order, or home to Chicago to see family and friends? Though the idea of snow, ice, and cold is unappealing. As my friend Melanie pointed out, I’ve only been out of work for 3 days, and I had two auditions yesterday. Two auditions both as “young husband/boyfriend.” I had to kiss a girl yesterday! I mean, she was pretty, but there was a scorching guy with a sweet bubble butt that I would rather have kissed. Maybe I should have pretended the girl was the guy, and I might have been more convincing? Now I come up with that! There was a time I kissed girls. That moment has passed. Now I don’t even want to be paid to do it. Not that there is anything wrong with kissing girls if you like that sort of thing. I think the world now knows I don’t. Well, a summer of Twinkies and In-n-Out burgers aren’t going to disappear magically, so I am off to the gym.

More later.

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