The 2007 Oscars!

Okay you know I love the Oscars. Every year I get so excited about the nominations. I gotta say this year I’m surprised by so much! Let me get this off my chest right away… I can’t believe Bill Condon didn’t get nominated for Best Director for Dreamgirls. And wasn’t Dreamgirls so much better than Chicago (which I loved). And remember Chicago got every accolade known to mankind. I also would have subbed Dreamgirls for United 93. My roommate and I had a debate about United… I say it’s simply good propaganda and who is going to come out and say it was a mediocre film? My roommate says that it did well internationally and was a good, little seen film. I counter with I truly doubt the members of the Academy even saw it.

Now on to actors: How exciting for Djimon Honsou? I don’t like him. He said something years ago about a gay photographer that I thought was extremely derogatory towards gays. But that makes me sound like one of the internet idiots that hate me and have never met me so I’ll give him a break that I never get. He was great in Blood Diamond. And he’s mad sexy. I loved Leo in The Departed, which I thought was a big, steaming pile of crap. And it was like 4 hours long. It sucked. Jack Nichloson phoned it in. That bloated Baldwin was unwatchable. Also Mark Wahlberg? C’mon!? Are you kidding? Are they giving him the nom because in this movie he spoke? The man hasn’t been good in anything since Boogie Nights. If you wanna give him something give him an award for being frigging hot and suck a convincing psycho in Fear. I love that movie. And why no Matt? Matt Damon ruled in The Departed! A film which I hated BTW. Thank goodness they didn’t give Jack Nicholson a pity nom! But they did give Scorcese a pity nom. Please do not give him a pity Oscar. My money is on Babel. Which mysteriously didn’t get Brad or Cate noms. What the hell?! Just give Brad for showing up! He show have got nom’d for Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005.

I’m just saying.

Thank God for Jennifer Hudson. Now you know I love my people. The Blacks. But Eddie and Will didn’t deserve those noms. Jaden was the best thing about The Pursuit Of Happyness. Will sucked and so did the movie. God! I wanted to walk out but the theatre was full and I was trapped in the middle of the aisle and there were 2 fat people at the end of the aisle. Wow that movie was almost as long (and stupid) as The Departed! Here’s a question: Why didn’t the father in The Pursuit… just get on welfare? Yep, public aid.

I’m just saying.

Jennifer you are a goddess. You walk on water (Debra Messing said that to me when we met). You are Effie in a way no one else could have been. I’m putting the poster you autographed to me on eBay. Make me some money girl! And bring home the gold!

More later…