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New Agency Alert! I’m Signed With Option 1 Artists In Chicago!

I’m happy to announce that after taking off a year to write my first book, SUPREME MODELS: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion, I’m back styling full-time and have joined the Option 1 Artists family! Click here to see my work.

I’ve been blissfully busy since my return. A little eComm for Carbon 38, the coolest athletic wear site on the net, the Summer 2019 Dorfman-Pacific campaign, and another ad for United Airlines! It’s good to be back!

Below is a list of my current agencies and a fun lil overview of my career and approach to fashion styling!

Stylist at Directions USA Greensboro.
Stylist at Ford Robert Black Arizona.
Stylist at Look Artists San Francisco.

My name is MarqueeMarc and I am the GREATEST FASHION STYLIST EVER. I am obsessed with fashion, shopping & creating something beautiful. I can’t live without love & style. You’d be surprised to know that I got my 1st job selling women’s clothing at 15 and if I weren’t a Fashion Stylist I’d own a clothing store. If I had to choose my favorite decade of fashion it’d be right now because the new Gucci collection is AMAZEBALLS! My favorite place on earth is Hawaii and I’d live there forever though the shopping is awful. I like Jil Sander but I love Helmut Lang & TOM FORD. A styling tip I swear by is using WD40 to clean the white soles of your high-tops & trainers. I never attend a shoot without nipple covers. I currently have Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” on repeat! Ariana just gets me. ❤️ The last show I binge watched was CLAWS on TNT! #YASSSS #teamNiecyNash! I find most of my inspiration watching cinema from the 1970s. My favorite fashion trend of all time is luxe boho and if it were up to me vintage YSL would never go out of style. Lately I’ve been interested in Kerry James Marshall and Murakami, and would love to own a painting by Francesco Clemente. My best style advice would be never consider the size on the tag. Buy the size that fits best then have it tailored to perfection. I love my Lanvin for H&M bow tie and would only trade my Mr Turk dinner jacket for the Tom Ford tux that it’s a knockoff of! I am always open to sale shopping. I find that it nurtures my creative growth, and feeds my soul. I am more than the two hundred pairs of shoes or hundreds of pocket squares I own and that doesn’t make me a hoarder!

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