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So this would be RANDOMNESS pt. 3…

I heard my roommate having sex. The guy was cute and I’m jealous. I’m not having sex. Until it means something. I’m no longer a human dildo. Maybe I’m re-virginizing… That will last a week.

Right now I’m listening to Fire and Rain, by James Taylor. No one crafts songs like this anymore. Now all you get is Don’t Cha and Laffy Taffy. Gross.

I made Defamer. I’d always suspected I talked too much. Now I know.

Every once in a blue moon I think I’m insane. More often than not I realize I’m incredibly spoiled. I was pissed yesterday when I had to go exchange a blazer I’d purchased. That’s what assistants are for. But since I’m not on a series right now… I was even more pissed when I (horrors) had to go have 2 new J. Lindeberg suits tailored. While shopping @ J. Lindeberg, the size in a tux I had to have was out with a stylist. “Who has it?”, I asked. “Oh it’s out for Kenny Rogers.” Slap. There are 2 sobering things there: 1) Kenny wears J. Lindeberg and 2) I wear the same size as Kenny Rogers! Needless to say, I’m back on the Master Cleanse.

This is funny as hell (and I it stole from The Gilded Moose):

“Come play with us.” You can find inspiration anywhere.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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