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Love Those Leggings with Midnight Velvet

I distinctly remember in recent years when the legging made it triumphant comeback. But remember not too long ago the legging and it’s slightly staid older sister the stirrup pant were passé. They were replaced in the mid-nineties to early two thousands when the trouser came roaring back, heralded by designers like Darryl K, Katayone Adeli & Helmut Lang. Do you remember that moment when it was all about sharply designed pants in stove pipes, bell bottoms and flares? And pleats disappeared and it all at once became about the flat front low slung trouser?

Yet through it all, all along, in the back of your mind, and probably the back of your closet, there was at least one pair of black leggings. And you know why? No, you know why! Because nothing is as easy, comfortable and versatile as a great pair of leggings!

Leggings are the perfect base to create a great outfit. This season at Midnight Velvet we’ve upped the style quotient on your fave leggings! There are so many amazing options that go from day to night and take you everywhere. In our latest video, Love Those Leggings, I show you how to wear 2 of my favorite styles this season; the faux leather legging and the legging with lace insets! Both are super fun and can be worn to work as well as a hot night out dancing with your girls.

So ladies I encourage you to flip through the big book, this season’s Midnight Velvet catalog, and fall deeper in love with leggings… And fashion! For MV, I’m Marcellas Reynolds your personal stylist!

Watch the Midnight Velvet video on Bold & Contemporary fashions

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