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Leona Lewis! Stick To Your Day Job!

Last nite at the premiere of Justin Bieber’s new feature length movie (Yes, it’s true. No I can believe it either.) gorgeous and talented former X Factor winner Leona Lewis had her very own premiere. Super sleek eye-grazing bangs.  Paired with her new-ish, dark, rich brunette color that she debuted late last year. Love it! The color really makes her gorgeous eyes pop!


From the neck up Leona looks fantastic. Like “supermodel, give this chick a make-up contract” fantastic. Which really makes me wonder why Gwen Stefani is the new face of L’Oreal. Sorry… I digress… The normally sunny blond has stepped her game up in the past year, slimming down and getting the hair completely on point.

But then you dip lower… WTF? I mean seriously WHAT THE FU*K  is that on the front of her shirt? It’s like one of Jim Henson’s muppets is trying to eat her boobs off. It’s giant lips where her breasts should be. It’s like a bad piece of abstract art. It’s like Dali dug himself from out of the crypt, held Leona down & painted on her boobs.


And coupled with the sheer top & the fact that it bears her midriff, there’s something labial about it. And in an even more stunning turn of events Leona designed it herself! Really? In what mushroom induced nightmare did anyone want a set of lips where their decolletage should be? Leona with declining record sales it’s time for you to do what you do best. Get back in the studio and sing.


And for all that is good and holy please for the love of God leave the designing to anyone else. M*

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