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I’m On eBay Buying and Selling Baby!

Me on the floor watching the Bulls lose to the Kings in my chrome kicks.

As everyone knows I shop a lot. I’m that person, that at any given time has things hanging in their closet unworn, with the tags still on. Yep, that’s me, the ultimate consumer. So I’ve decided to put some fabulousness on eBay! I’m just dipping a perfectly pedicured toe into it’s murky waters to check it out. And make some much needed space for new things!

I’ve started with shoes. I’m a “sneakerhead.” I love sneaks, specifically high tops. I wear them with EVERYTHING! It’s a passion that started in 1995, when I was a model living in Miami. I literally have almost 100 pairs of sneakers, most of which will never see the inside of a gym! They’re about fashion, not function!

Sold in 2 days!

I’ve added a few pairs on eBay, and one of my favorites (see above) the Nike Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle sold immediately!

I love a metallic shoe! I don’t know why! 😍

And of course my life wouldn’t be complete without these amazing Diesel Zip-Round S-Nentish in chrome! I scored them for a steal, and with the sale of the Jordans I broke even!

Below check out the other goodies in my eBay store!

Starting Bid $75! A steal for $100.

Diesel S-Titann Tempus sneakers, in white, with metallic silver accent. Never worn, designer sample, and collectors item!

The perfect black brogues by John Varvatos!

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