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My Work With Bon-Ton/Carson’s.

The finished product! So sweet!

One of my fave styling clients is Bonton. It’s a joy to work with them. Everyone is so nice & over the past 2 years I’ve made real friends there. I’m always so happy to travel to Milwaukee and shoot with them. It feels like home and being on set with them has really helped me grow as a working, professional stylist.

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River In Cannes!

Shopping with River on Melrose.

As a wardrobe stylist you never know what gigs will come your way. Recently I got a call to style top model River Viiperi for his 1st trip to the Cannes Film Festival. River really wanted to dress with a bit more polish & swag. For me it was a dream opportunity to work with a rising star.

Dressed to take off. River & Paris at LAX.

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My Fave Pics!

"I don't know... Animal print is so..." M*

This cracks me up! Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not one for gender play. I don’t like drag, hate men who wear make-up but in a rare moment of silliness…

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Style Jolt! II

Today’s Style Jolt is for girls but works for boys also! If you find yourself bored with the winter blahs from wearing the same coat day after day try adding a belt in a different fabric & complimentary color! Girls… Read More »Style Jolt! II

Style Jolt!

Today’s Style Jolt is for the home! I’m always trying to find cool easy ways to add a lil joie de vivre to, well, just about everything. My bath is my sanctuary & I’ve found a fun, easy & inexpensive way to add a welcome shot of whimsy to my personal spa. Simply add a fun shower liner!

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