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October 2017

#FaborFlub For #DailyMailTV

Marcellas Reynolds and Lilliana Vazquez on the set of DailyMailTV.

I’m back at it again and this time I’m taking no prisoners! Fashion is a battlefield!

Check out my latest appearance on DailyMailTV! This week it’s Rihanna at the 2017 Met Gala, as well as Debra Messing & the perennially messy Nicki Minaj at the 2017 Grammys.

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My Newest Gig! Correspondent For DailyMailTV!

Check out my 1st appearance on DailyMailTV! See which of your favorite celebs are “Fab Or Flub!” And LA pals DailyMailTV airs at 5:00 PM on KTLA every Saturday! Find your local channel & showtimes here! #dailymailtv