ERDEM X H&M for Good Day L.A.!

ERDEM X H&M with Kathryn Eisman!

I had the honor of previewing the new ERDEM X H&M collaboration before it launched in store and on-line, on my fave, Good Day L.A.! I had such a blast with my pal (and co-hort in Award Season crime), the hysterical Kathryn Heisman. Kathryn is a such a doll, and we get so excited talking fashion!

Here’s the video! Did you stand in line for ERDEM X H&M? I didn’t, but I wish I had. I really wanted the floral lounge shirt, but I did get a sweater, and the floral trainers! Let me know what you think of the collaboration, and my appearance on the show! #GDLA #ERDEM #ERDEMXHM #fashion #fordartists

Color Wow: Cobalt Blue with Midnight Velvet

Marcellas Reynolds & Midnight Velvet Cobalt Blue Fashions

Color! It has meaning; from the power & sexiness of red, to the happy optimism of yellow. How about the chic coolness of black or the serene calm of sky blue? Color inspires us, empowers us & expresses our personality!

Color is special like a wonderful dress for a big night out, like the slinky blue number with gold embellishments in this week’s “Cobalt Cool” video. 

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