Mash Up: Remixed! versus 106 & Park

The Cast of Remixed! on 106 & Park
The cast of Remixed! sits down with Big Tigger and Julissa on 106 & Park

Last week I flew to New York to appear on BET’s 106 & Park. The entire cast of Remixed! was asked to do a little PR. Since Joia and I live in L.A. we decided to fly out together. Joia arrives at five am my house to catch the Super Shuttle. Yeah, I said Super Shuttle. Fifteen bucks ain’t bad when no car service is being provided. But why was the driver blasting smooth jazz way too loud at 5:15 am? Even after I asked him to turn it down. Once at LAX, the holiday crush was in full effect. The line to get upstairs to the security line to get to the gate was over a block long. Finally, we are on the plane. Delta Song. G-H-E-T-T-O. No 1st class. No business class. They don’t have it. Two rows of seats, three seats in each row. What is that Police song, “packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes?” It was however cool that they have DISHTV. I got to watch an episode of “Remixed!” at 40,000 feet. That was cool. I had a mile-high moment with myself. Alright, not really but watching myself on TV, on a plane was very cool.

The plane lands (thank you Father), and we arrive only to discover New York is in the midst of a transit strike. Luckily BET has a car for us, the driver was cute and very good at what he does. An hour later, a fast trip through Harlem, and we are at our hotel. If you haven’t stayed at the Hudson Hotel, you should. It’s nice. The rooms are tiny. The bathrooms are chic. The artwork is by my fave artist, Francesco Clemente and the restaurant and bar scene is very good. The guy who checked us in was hot and gave me the eye.

Marcellas Reynolds on the Couch at 106 & Park
Marcellas Reynolds on the couch at 106 & Park

New York is cold, and since I live in Los Angeles, I was freezing. That same day we were off to the BET studios to shoot 106 & Park! Big Tigger and Julissa we’re coming.

Joia Mercedes and Marcellas Reynolds on Remixed!
The Cast of Remixed! appear on 106 & Park with makeover subject, Ayanna

My highlights:
1) Big Tigger is sooo cute. His bling was crazy.
2) Julissa is sooo nice and beautiful. She’s so smiley.
3) The girls in the wardrobe department at BET are awesome. Thanks for the help!
4) Ayanna, the remixee, you are as hot as you think you are.
5) Alyssa (Melyssa Ford) sorry I didn’t know who you are. Thanks for lending us the Chloe purse.
6) Curtis, Doc, and Big Sexy (Joia), I love y’all.

The Cast of Remixed! on 106 & Park Makeover
The Cast of Remixed! appear on 106 & Park with makeover subject, Ayanna

Big Tigger and Julissa, the Hosts of 106 & Park
Big Tigger and Julissa, the Hosts of 106 & Park, laughing with the cast of Remixed!

Joia Mercedes on the Couch at 106 & Park
Joia Mercedes on the couch at 106 & Park.

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