Versatile Flats with Midnight Velvet

I’m sitting at the station waiting for the train. As I glance around me I see a young woman who is really young and very pretty. I wonder “Where is she going?” “Is she headed to work?” She’s dressed in almost all black; a cotton blazer worn over a black lace tunic, with a shock of vibrant purple tights that add color and even a note of sophistication.

But what really catches my eye are her shoes. Black bejeweled flats. All at once they are whimsical yet practical. And with my stylist eye I think “Girl, you chose well.” Few shoes are more versatile than a simple ballet flat. In the Versatile Flats video I hosted for Midnight Velvet, I say that flats are back and more fabulous than ever.

My current faves are the Elke Ballerina. They dress up with a simple skirt, dress or jeans. Yet they look all kinds of retro gamine Audrey Hepburn Parisian chic when paired with a cropped pant. Some people find flats boring. I’m not one of them! Flats ooze sophisticated chic like the Sleek Animal Loafer. Flats are pretty like the London Shoe and add a dash of color and personality. They can be hippie chic and trendy like the stylishly comfy Lily Ballerina. Or drop dead sexy like the Annie Jude Loafer which make a stunning statement.

The flat, ladies, never falls flat. So follow the stylish example of the girl in the purple tights. Instead of a pair of heels or your fave boots opt for a pair of elegant flats! And pick the pair with pizzazz! I’m Marcellas Reynolds for Midnight Velvet!

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