1 Weekend… 2 Sucky Movies!

ZODIAC was the longest most boring movie I have seen in ages. Too many cameos. Too much make-up. Too slow. Jake G was great. Chloe was okay and Robert Downey Jr once again proves the role of his lifetime was Chaplin and intends to re-do that performance over and over and over again and again. UGH! ONE STAR.

BREACH sucked hot steamy sweaty ass. Sorry to be so graphic but this movie sucked. Long. Boring. And pointless. I’ve watched more entertaining episodes on I, Detective on Court TV. Ryan Phillippe is about as sexy as a dirty sweatsock. He had a knot on his forehead and I found my self mesmerized by it. Some scenes it’s there, some it isn’t! And that bump was more interesting than the movie. I found myself rooting for it to win. I fantasized about how he got it? Did Reese slap him with a frying pan?

And Chris Cooper? Get your damn eyes done. I refuse to see another movie with you in it til you do. Though you was brilliant in Adaptation. ZERO STARS. If I hadn’t been wedged into the middle by 2 fat people on either end I would have left and asked for a refund. The hot dog I ate was tasty though. And I over-salted my popcorn.

I’m just saying…


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  1. That movie Breach sucked. I was ready to put the movie that my daughter rented (Stuart Little) which I’ve seen 5 times. It was such a cliche movie and rottentomato.com gives it an 83/100. Fortunately I just grabbed it at blockbuster, if someone had recommended it, I would have called them to come over real quick cause its an emergency. And when they got here I would have told them that Breach sucked. What a waste of my Friday night.

  2. Normally, I don’t like to debate films with people, but I feel compelled to defend both “Breach” and “Zodiac.” There’s a reason why these films received high ratings from critics, they are both well-made films. Granted, they are both very long (especially Zodiac) and they don’t follow some dumb-down Hollywood movie structure, but they are excellent examples of an intelligent and subtly produced thriller. The films aren’t about mindless action, loud explosions, cheese ball lines, and pointless shootouts, these films are about THE CHASE. They both involve characters who risk losing themselves while chasing evil.

  3. I love a movie that builds to a climax. In the case of both these movies, particularly Zodiac, the pay off was a dud. Just because a movie receives praise from critics doesn’t make it good. After all Gene Shalit and Leonard Maltin are critics and they know as much about movies as I know about nuclear physics.

    Then again opinions are like…


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