I’ve been lucky over the years on this journey. I’ve met some amazing people. One fan in particular reached out to me a few years ago and touched my heart. She has become one of my fave people on Earth. And a friend.

This is a note I just got from her. She always knows when I need her. And always wonderfully puts things in perspective. Nina I adore you.
—————– Original Message —————–
From: Nina
Date: Jul 8, 2007 11:09 AM

I’m happy to hear of your peace, and, to hear the peace in your heart.

Life moves on, and, you’re in the present and progressing, or, in the past and missing out.

As my other sweet brother, Common, advises us..”BE.”

Stepping back..all the way back; is good for us; as it saves us from extinction.

Finally, I’m healing, brother. I’ve begun a new job, and, piece by piece, am collecting the vestiges of my life from along side of the road.

I take deep breathes of cleaning; not the shallow breathes of existence. Standing upright; I, dare, to look at the future.

No more, dark rooms, stagnation, depression, crying, and self-abnegation.

Living is want I want to do; living and enjoying life. All parts of me embrace life; in the highest form.

You’re my gem, Onyx; smooth, cooling, and tranquil. There is no need to validate your growth; it won’t still wagging tongues. Remain true to the internal guide, as, It is well in our hearts, and, dreams, become the reality within our reach.

Spankings to you; for not reaching out to your Nina while in San Diego.

Know that I continue to wrap you up in prayer, and, that prayers avail much.

Tell someone that you love them today; relive a special memory with your mama.

Two gentle kisses to your right temple.

Your Nina
To Nina:

You always know just what to say! Gosh I love and thank you!

And you are so right. So many out there want to clown me about not doing House Calls. People are going to believe and say what they want. And most of that is going to be mean! I have to know in my heart that no matter what comes I am going to be fine. God and the Universe hold me.

I’m proud of you. You have stared down hurt and depression from your Mom’s passing and are rising to even higher heights. I love that you, even in the midst of your own pain, still reach out to love and council others. You are what this World should be about my sister.

As usual your words nourish me and strengthen my heart!


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  1. I’ve set the record straight @ my forum and it’s been picked up by every reality site. There is no angst or hidden agendas. I was too expensive and I couldn’t commit to 3 months of an internet talk show. I’m working way too much on TV to do that.

    Keep checking here for all things me! I always update!


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