Time to Spring Clean! Start with Your Closet!


Spring has sprung. Okay maybe I’m a bit early but I’m ready for it. It’s a time for rebirth. A fresh start. Renewal. There’s a feeling on a global level of change in the air. Maybe it is the new President? Or just Michelle on the cover of Vogue. Whatever it is, it’s time to make space for the new. Time to open yourself up and clean out the old ways of thinking, doing, being. And it starts at home.

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Chic Valentine’s Gifts!


It approaches. The DAY. Valentine’s Day is actually named after two early Christian martyrs named Valentine. It’s celebration dates as far back as the middle ages. The tradition of sending cards and gifts spread to the states in 1847 when a woman in Massachusetts launched the first pre-printed valentine cards. Up to that point the notes were handwritten. The Greeting Card Association estimates nearly 1 billion valentines are sent each year. That’s a lot of declarations of love.

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Lately I’ve been shopping like it’s my job. Well actually it is my job as a fashion stylist. But lately I’ve been shopping a lot for myself. I really don’t need anything. I mean I’m the boy that has everything. Except a boyfriend. What can you do? So what am I looking for? How about THE TOP 5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD HAVE IN HIS WARDROBE?

And then the 3 things, ummm make that 5 things that are so TRENDY & FUN this season I must, must have them!

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…


Looker. This movie starred Susan Dey (all early ’80s hot), Albert Finney (surprisingly old & mis-cast), Leigh Taylor-Young & James Coburn (crushin on James big time!). My fave line from any movie ever is uttered by Playboy Playmate of the Year Teri Welles: “They’re killing all the perfect girls.” Gosh…How many times have I uttered that line! This movie is just what the late ’70s/early ’80s were about: feathered hair, models w/A cups in jumpsuits w/o bras, blush that’s like a bruise and really cheesy fashion photo shoots. And I loved every contrived minute of it. I still have a fashion hard-on for it. Looker, Eyes of Laura Mars and the original Stepford Wives. The fashion styling in those movies is perfection.

magnolia bakery

Cupcakes from Maganolia Bakery.

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