This is September and I’m supposed to be excited about Fall/Winter ’10 Fashion. Honestly I’m not inspired. The shows echoed the same trends they have the past 4 seasons. 80’s, 60’s circa Mad Men, Classicism, Knitwear. Don’t get me wrong I love fashion & I have already purchased a new pair of boot cut trousers! (Yea! They’re back!) But isn’t there more?


Recently I saw Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts (Mediocre, spent too much time in India, Julia is luminous as always, Viola Davis & James Franco’s talents are wasted.) and it started me thinking. Everyone’s journey isn’t about finding yourself chanting to a cold looking Indian woman while flies swarm around you. Some of us want to Eat, Pray and Love in other ways. Since this is my blog we’re going to CONSUME, WORSHIP & STALK with joie de vivre!

Tender Greens with 4 locations, 2 in LA & 1 in San Diego, and a 5th opening in Walnut Creek, is becoming the hippest, healthiest restaurant chain on the planet. The owners describe it as comfortably urban and the majority of the produce comes directly from farms here in California.


Magnolia Bakery in New York is my happy place. Since 1996 they have been open at the legendary Bleecker St. location. 4 NYC locations later, they have finally opened in LA’s Beverlywood neighborhood on the corner of 3rd & Orlando Av. Have the carrot cake cupcake. It’s all about the cream cheese frosting!

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Best Menswear Shops In L.A.!


So Details did THE BEST MENS SHOPS IN L.A. Though I agree with their choices why only 3? Yes, LA is incredibly style challenged. On any given day all you see is too-skinny, slacker actors in too-skinny colored jeans, vintage tees and those girly lil tennis shoes that make a man’s foot look like he’s a tranny at an all girls parochial school. This however just means they should stop shopping at Urban Outfitters (in the girls section) or Fred Segal (in any section).

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Valentine’s Day ’10: Love In A New Decade.

E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.
E! Net's 2009 Oscar coverage. Charlize Theron make-over.

It’s 2010 and if you are reading this it means we’re already a month into a new year. Time is moving quickly. The world is becoming more and more advanced. Is there time for age old conventions like ‘romance’ and ‘love’ in our modern world? I say yes. As we become more global yet separate with advances in technology, I for one think the human connection & its celebration is the most important thing we can do.

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Marcellas Style! IV


This was either a good month or a bad month for shopping. In a way it was great because I spent very little money. But since I’m a consumer and consumers consume, it was kinda bad for the economy! In all honesty I don’t need a thing. I’m also on a new work out regimen. If I drop 20 it will be like having a whole new wardrobe since I can get back into my skinny clothes.

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Happy Green New Year!


The Holidays are blissfully over. You have eaten and spent too much. Your New Year resolutions probably have something to do with more time in the gym and more money in the bank. Normally I’m a huge proponent of luxe. In 2009 I told you about the newest sports cars, a $15,000 chandelier and of course every gorgeous stitch sewn by Dolce & Gabbana, D Squared, Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos… Well the list is endless! I’m starting the year turning a new leaf (at least for one month). This month I’m going super green and I’m telling you how to clean up your act and give yourself a facial at home! With common ingredients found at your local grocery store no less!

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Marcellas Style! III


I’ve been on a major tear lately. I don’t need a single thing ever again. I’m one of those people who has things in his closet with the price tag still on them. I ought to be ashamed. This money I’m spending should be working for me in a money market account. There is no excuse. Maybe it’s because it’s Christmas? I’m on the West Coast when my family is in the Midwest. And since I don’t live there… Yes. I’m a lil disconnected… Could I be shopping to make me feel better?

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