Birthday Party / Game Nite 2.0!

So I’ve been celebrating my birthday for 2 weeks. Last week while in Chicago and this weekend in L.A. Last night my roommate Eric and I hosted our second game nite! GAME NITE 2.0 actually. It was a blast! It was one of those rare occasions when you look around and realize how blessed you are. I have a great life and some wonderful friends. After visiting Chicago and seeing my family and hanging with a few dear old friends and a few new ones (James, Sarah and Tom), I realized something. My summer didn’t really suck. Yeah, bad things happen. No let’s re-language that: things don’t turn out as you wish sometimes but they can’t derail you and should not block you from what’s good. And real. I had a few laughs and made real connections with some wonderful people. I’m better for it. Stronger. Hopefully smarter. Different.

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He’s Back…

Done. Finished. Finito.

Big Brother All Stars is over. I made it through. Love me. Hate me? I got a check coming. What is the 1st thing I’m buying? A Rolex. It was just a game and for me just another TV appearance. I hope all 14 of us find what we were looking for. Will we all be friends? Can we forgive one another? I hope so. If not, thanks for keeping me til sequester. I had kind of a blast.

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Aaaaaaah…. It’s Over!

So the voting ended. I’m glad. It’s in the hands of fate now. Or the cosmos. Or God. It’s been a week. Such a week. Long. Tedious. Exhilarating. Hard. Exhausting. I feel like I spent more time on the net than ever. Did I campaign hard enough? Did I vote for myself enough? I resisted the lure of the auto-voter. On a personal level, I thought that was cheating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered some of my fans did it for me but is that what CBS/Shapiro Groedner really had in mind? And watching some of my fellow contenders actively beg for their use? Gross. Yeah, I went out there and did some press, a few TV spots, a bunch of interviews and chats. Heck I even made a t-shirt. But @ the end of the day if a computer can send out 50 bijillion votes a minute should I have even bothered?

Campaigning gave me a chance to re-connect with fans. I got to witness 1st hand the good and the bad that accompanies being a “reality star.” Again. Some things never change! I’ll never understand why I’m bashed over something I said in passing 4 years ago. Talk about holding a ridiculous grudge! And it’s not even being held by the people of whom I spoke. The thing is I spoke of those I knew. We all gave as good as we got! If we can forgive and move forward why can’t the viewer? How can anyone be judged by 12 weeks of their life? Unless of course they murder someone and then… I don’t know, I guess I’m having one of those “is it really worth it” moments. But that’s what the naysayers and haters want. To kill your buzz. Your dream. You have to push past that. Ignore it like so much white noise. And keep moving toward your goal.

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The Slap Heard Around The World.

So we all know my girl is in trouble again. You know I loves me some Naomi. And who hasn’t had trouble with the help? Though my roommie and I love our current maid. Not to mention she could probably take us 2 queens down in .02 seconds! The woman just moved a sofa by herself, the same one Eric and I both drag about the floor, huffing and puffing while scratching the hardwood! I think Naomi should be forgiven for her…let’s say, short temper. She is after all one of the World’s most beautiful women. Naomi’s current predicament got me thinking, “Who will I smack this summer?”

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So I’m trying to blog as much as possible just in case I’m busy this summer. Heck I’m busy now. I’m working and that is a very good thing. I’m also having many meetings and tons of auditions. It always gets busy before Big Brother. Most actors worry over pilot season. I do too but I know that for me I’m going to stay busy through the summer. It’s like Big Brother season pops back up and bam! People are like “Where’s Marcellas?” Kinda like Where’s Waldo without the stripe sweater. Though I liked that sweater. It was kinda chic.

In keeping with the theme of past musings posts, here goes:



So I have been on the master cleanse again and am happy to report as of 4:00 today I lost 14 lbs. Yes, 14 lbs. in 7 days. I just broke the cleanse and what’s the 1st thing I put in my system? Non-sprayed, organic tangerine juice from Beverly Hills Juice Club. It was yummy. But now I wish I’d stayed on for 10 days.

I made the mistake of calling E (my roommate) to tell him how much I lost and he, being the buzz killer he is, says, “That’s all water weight and crap that you passed from not eating.” “2 days from now, once you start eating again, you’ll gain it all back.” Thanks E! Way to represent.

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Randomness… PT. 4

In a little post I like to call randomness…A little sampling of what’s rocking my world:

Right now my life is very Safe Sex In The City. I guess I sorta broke up with my own personal Mr Big. I only found out very late in the game that when he started seeing me he had a boyfriend. Once they “officially” broke-up he calls to say, “Okay now I’m yours.” Uh…What? As my mother always said, “They leave you as they found you.” I was the other man and didn’t even know it. Player, play on. So if he was capable of stringing me along and having a beau @ the same time, without either of us knowing, what would make me stupid enough to think he wouldn’t do the same thing to me somewhere down the line. If given the opportunity. THEY LEAVE YOU LIKE THEY FOUND YOU. Ghetto profound.

Thing is, I’m the perfect other man. I’m a very practical boy. My thing is all about the Benjamins. Ducketts. Chips. Cake. $. Stocks. Bonds. LV luggage. Prada shoes. Dinner @ Mr Chow. Frette sheets. An apartment in Miami. I can keep a secret. If you wanna treat me like a ho, pay me like one. Otherwise step up to the plate, be a man and treat me like an equal. With the same respect and commitment with which I treat you. Oh well, you can’t win them all. The search continues for America’s Next Gay Husband.

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