Oh Hell To Tha No!!!!

In a post I like to call RANDOMNESS part 2 or more musings from me…

Who the hell watches the Olympics? That should be done in 2, maybe 3 days. Tops. I didn’t get to see Law and Order tonight. And I rushed home from shopping. Law and Order was preempted by snowboarding! Snowboarding? People only want to watch ice skating. And whatever sport Apollo Ohhellyeah is doing. I had to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I hate that show. The lead actress is too skinny. She needs a sandwich. And a chocolate shake to wash it down.

I finally saw the Emma and Alex fight episode of DeGrassi. Emma won but got quite the shiner. Sean is coming back and has long hair! He’s so cute! I LOVE ME SOME HIM! You can check him out on DeGrassi Minis at teennick. Ellie dump Jimmy and take Sean back! Don’t be stupid!

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Countdown to The Grammys… Enough Already, I’m Staying Home!

Last week/weekend was about work. And scamming my way into the upcoming Grammys. And the parties. And auditions. And a boy I’m crushing on. And shopping. And insomnia. And random crazy ass emails.

1st and foremost, I got an acting gig! I’ve had so many auditions lately. One almost everyday. I realize I’m lucky. Blessed even. But I was beginning to panic. I hadn’t booked anything. A few call backs but no actual gigs. Am I a hack? Can I not act? Was I only good @ being myself? Hm mm… Well anyway today I booked a gig for AMC. I went, auditioned and the director said, “Are you busy Tuesday?” To which I replied, “No.” To which he replied, “See you Tuesday then.” I love that! Yippee! Add that to my 2 red carpet hosting gigs for CBS and you have a very happy Marcellas. And several happy salespeople.

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The Week That Was…

So this week I had 4 auditions (if you count the one I have tomorrow). I’ve been a British architect (or as I like to call him, an “affected gay guy with a Naomi complex”), a homosexual male dumped when his beau realizes he’s actually straight and a young, successful husband, buying a car for my wife. Time will tell which I was the best @ I suppose. Please let it be the “gay guy who gets dumped” role. I read with a beautiful guy and hopefully life won’t imitate art. And that “co-stars meet and fall in love on set” thing happens. We can be like Brad and Angelina. Or Courtney Cox and David Arquette. This boy can dream.

I saw Underworld: Evolution and liked it so much Mel & I rented the original Underworld. I have been crushing on Scott Speedman since Felicity. For me it was never Noel (too nice and needed a diet), it was all Ben. Conflicted. Flawed. And hotter than damn July! Oh and he’s naked in Underworld: Evolution. His butt is like sunshine! Toss it in the air baby! Brighten my day. Oh and in the 1st Underworld there is my (imaginary) husband, Wentworth Miller. He doesn’t look so good though…Which still means he looks better than damn near everyone else. Went (my nickname for my imaginary husband) I love you.

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Damn! Why Isn’t that me?

Marcellas Reynolds By John Skalicky
Marcellas Reynolds by John Skalicky for IN LA magazine

This just in…

In a segment, I like to call “Damn! Why Isn’t That Me?”:

Actress Ellen Barkin
Actress Ellen Barkin

Ron Perelman, the owner of global cosmetics giant Revlon, is divorcing Ellen Barkin, the star of the movie Sea of Love and that terrible movie co-starring Laurence Fishburne. In a completely unrelated stream of thought, isn’t every movie with Laurence Fishburne bad? Yep, Mr. Perelman. He of the bad advertising campaigns that feature actresses instead of models is dropping his personal actress like a hot potato. But here’s the thing, he served papers on a stunned Ellen, whose prenup states she’ll get twenty million for anything up to five years but more if she hangs on longer. That marriage was like the ultimate, glam reality show; a married edition of Survivor or a real luxe Big Brother.

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The Race Entry Part II

Marcellas Reynolds by Photographer Gabriel Goldberg
Marcellas Reynolds by photographer Gabriel Goldberg

It’s late, or is it early? I’m experiencing mind-numbing insomnia. Since I returned from Chicago, I can’t sleep. Actually, I couldn’t sleep in Chicago. There I thought it was the time difference. Insomnia is the worst. I can’t get to sleep until 5 or 6 am, but I sleep till 1 or 2 in the afternoon once I do. It’s vampire hours. It’s 3 am, and I’m headed to bed, but I just checked my email. I got what I consider an ugly response to The Race Entry, my most responded to and read blog entry thus far. Yeah, I keep track of that. At first, I didn’t want to publish it, as it was anonymous, which I don’t like. I went as far as to not publish it under comments. I hit the reject button, but these replies get emailed to me so I had the copy. I walked away from it and came back. Here it is:

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Ugh Friday the 13th


And another Friday night passes. Why do I accept my friend Scott’s phone calls?! He only gets me in trouble. A night out with him means boys, booze, cash, and cops. See My Birthday Party for more sordid details of Scott and me.

After last night, I know this much is true:
1. Boys are icky. Throw rocks at them.*
2. Porn stars are way too dramatic. What they lack in acting skills they make up for in overindulgence.
3. Bottle service and a thirst for champagne can lead to blindness, especially where strippers are concerned.
4. Never wear a cute new blazer to a bar the 1st time you wear it. It attracts cute boys, cigarette smoke, and spilled drinks.
5. Don’t drink and text.
6. Do not accept calls from your parents in gay bars, and if you do, don’t tell the people around you it’s your momma when they ask, “Who is that?”
7. Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.*
8. Nothing good happens after midnight.
9. Australian men are hot.
10. A good friend is a blessing, but a good roommate is a godsend.

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The Race Entry

Marcellas Reynolds Photographed by Dart & Jake
Marcellas Reynolds photographed in Miami by Dart & Jake

Recently, I met a guy, or should I say a guy met me. He hit me up, made the initial approach if you will. The conversation was great. He was cute, smart, and had BODY. He was sexy. Since he approached me, I thought, “Why wouldn’t he want to hang out?” Yeah, hang out means go on a date or even more. When I asked him out, he said he was “Flattered,” and thought I was “Nice,” but he did not date Black guys. What? What does that mean? You don’t date Black guys. How can you not? He said he didn’t find Black men attractive. Hold up! What are you saying, “You don’t find Black men attractive?” How is that? Are you telling me that I’m not fine? Or Gary Dourdan? Or Kanye West? Or Michael Ealy? Or Tyson Beckford?

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Another Crazy Night In Hollywood

Marcellas Reynolds, Zac Brazenas, and his butt
Marcellas Reynolds Celebrates His Birthday in West Hollywood

In celebration of my birthday, I decided to host a party. In truth, my friend Scott Webster, who is always up for a good time, decided to throw me a party. His friend Rachel Elizabeth recently purchased a house and was looking for an excuse to toss a soiree. Me? Mostly I want to be left alone, but with BET’s ReMixed ending its first season and a few dollars in the bank, I did feel like celebrating. So why not? A boy only turns thirty for the hundredth time, a hundred times.
Judd Hirsch, Rachel Elizabeth, and Marcellas Reynolds
Judd Hirsch, Rachel Elizabeth, and Marcellas Reynolds

Since I did not know Rachel well, other than styling her video for Rachel’s Angels, I called her inquiring what to expect and if she needed anything from me? Rachel was very cool. “Do you need any cash,” I asked? “No, it’s your birthday,” Rachel replied. “Good answer,” I thought. “Well, if anything comes up, let me know,” I replied. We decided on a date, and an Evite was created. Hosting a party is nerve-wracking enough without wondering if anyone is coming. Never have a party on the weekend of Thanksgiving. No one is in town. I was shocked at how many people declined my invite because they were going home for Thanksgiving. I never do as it’s so close to Christmas. Why put yourself through the trauma twice!?

Rachel Elizabeth Hosts a Birthday Party for Marcellas Reynolds
Marcellas Reynolds dancing at his birthday party in West Hollywood

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