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August 2021

What I Like NOW — Flared Trousers

Photographs Courtesy Getty images, Dior, Louis Vuitton; Collage by Gabe Conte

Recently, GQ.com posted this article hailing the return of the FLARE! Anyone who really knows me knows that this is my look, and I can’t wait for fall because I have been HOARDING bootcut, stovepipe, flared trousers for years now. I adore this silhouette and shall be WORKING it during my book tour. I especially like looks 1 and 3.
I’m so over the tyranny of the short skinny trouser, shrunken blazer, and the JEGGING ON MEN. I was not fond of the entire last decade and the ridiculousness of Thom Browne dressing grown men like pre-pubescent, post-World war II private school children or extras from a Pink Floyd movie/video. Yes, I just referenced The Wall.

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