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January 2006


Thanks to you guys who wrote me about THIS IS PERSONAL. I’m fine. The ex-beau drama is over. Well almost…

Last night I went out with friend and blogmate Brad Benton. It’s weird for me to say Brad Benton because I know his real name. Not his nom de plume. We were to meet Tony @ Fubar. But Mr Nightlife gave us the fade. Anyway Fubar (my fave gay bar in L.A.) was having “The Down Low” night. Brad and I walk up and the door guy is like “Hey guys there’s a $5 cover” and Brad goes, “Oh really…” causing the door guy to take a really good look @ us and wave us in gratis. You see Brad is a porn star and I’m a reality star and…You get the picture. Once inside the club was kinda empty but there were some hot, straight, ruff-looking papis and bros. There was a hot Latin stripper with a sweet bubble and a cute, just-the-right-side of fat, Black stripper w/a hot bubble also. Word to the Black stripper: Show more ass. That’s how you get tips. The club was hot. The music was hotter. But it was too dark. People (BRAD) kept stepping on my feet. And as usual I was wearing good shoes! Brown suede, modified chelsea boot w/wing tip detailing (hot!). Why the hell did I wear them to bars? So anyway the DL boys was staring @ Brad and I and the one I fancied (a hot little Latino # in a knit cap and dark green AE polo) was too. Unfortunately his friend, who was the same but not, saw me 1st and was eyeing me up and down. Damn. Well the cute one had on a wedding band so he must really have been on the DL. Brad and I bounced…



I posted this and got a lot of response but from the response felt it was too intimate and then took it down. Then I got “what happened to THIS IS PERSONAL?” and now I’m putting it back up. So without further ado:

Why are you back? What could you possibly want? It’s been almost 4 years. Why now? I waited for so long for this. I never loved anyone before you. I always wanted someone to love me and then I met you. And I learned the most important thing was to love someone else. I would have done anything to keep you. Did you know? That day when you walked away, I didn’t come to you because I couldn’t bring myself to put on an outfit that you would like, to come see you, so you could tell me what was wrong with me and why it was over. I couldn’t bring myself to play that scene. Because you know what? I would have cried. I would have begged you not to kill it. I would have made the biggest scene. Anything to keep you. So instead I let you go. I said “If you don’t love me and you want to be with someone else then go.” And you said, “It isn’t that simple.” I had a chance but I was too something to take it. Scared. Hurt. Proud. I had a “Love Shoulda Brought You Home Last Night” moment. Should I have fought? Would it have mattered?


Boys I Like!

So I’m kinda seeing someone. In that L.A. way of “I’m too busy but can you stop by…” Or “I’ve got an event, wanna go?” way. It’s cool. Our agents, publicists and lawyers are hammering out the details. πŸ˜‰ But in my dream I’m seeing one (or all) of these boys. And for the record, when I say “boy” I mean way over 21.
Without further ado, BOYS I LIKE:

Just missed the cut) KANYE WEST

Until the Rolling Stone cover he was #1. He is sexy in that “round-the-way boy” way. Those lips are hot. Love his style and his riffs is banging. That’s good. But Kanye wants it too bad. You know he’s gonna clown at the Grammy’s. You got the fame. & the money. Just chill baby.

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The Week That Was…

So this week I had 4 auditions (if you count the one I have tomorrow). I’ve been a British architect (or as I like to call him, an “affected gay guy with a Naomi complex”), a homosexual male dumped when his beau realizes he’s actually straight and a young, successful husband, buying a car for my wife. Time will tell which I was the best @ I suppose. Please let it be the “gay guy who gets dumped” role. I read with a beautiful guy and hopefully life won’t imitate art. And that “co-stars meet and fall in love on set” thing happens. We can be like Brad and Angelina. Or Courtney Cox and David Arquette. This boy can dream.

I saw Underworld: Evolution and liked it so much Mel & I rented the original Underworld. I have been crushing on Scott Speedman since Felicity. For me it was never Noel (too nice and needed a diet), it was all Ben. Conflicted. Flawed. And hotter than damn July! Oh and he’s naked in Underworld: Evolution. His butt is like sunshine! Toss it in the air baby! Brighten my day. Oh and in the 1st Underworld there is my (imaginary) husband, Wentworth Miller. He doesn’t look so good though…Which still means he looks better than damn near everyone else. Went (my nickname for my imaginary husband) I love you.

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Kanye, Abercrombie, Naomi and Beverly. Or just another blog entry.

All The News That’s Fit To Blog:

1st: What the hell is Kanye thinking? In this interview he compares himself to Christ! Okay maybe not but it sounds inflammatory. Now I did agree with him that “The Bush” doesn’t care about Black people but c’mon!

Sometimes I think famous people should just shut up and be famous. This is one of those times.

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…


Looker. This movie starred Susan Dey (all early ’80s hot), Albert Finney (surprisingly old & mis-cast), Leigh Taylor-Young & James Coburn (crushin on James big time!). My fave line from any movie ever is uttered by Playboy Playmate of the Year Teri Welles: “They’re killing all the perfect girls.” Gosh…How many times have I uttered that line! This movie is just what the late ’70s/early ’80s were about: feathered hair, models w/A cups in jumpsuits w/o bras, blush that’s like a bruise and really cheesy fashion photo shoots. And I loved every contrived minute of it. I still have a fashion hard-on for it. Looker, Eyes of Laura Mars and the original Stepford Wives. The fashion styling in those movies is perfection.

magnolia bakery

Cupcakes from Maganolia Bakery.

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Damn! Why Isn’t that me?

Marcellas Reynolds By John Skalicky
Marcellas Reynolds by John Skalicky for IN LA magazine

This just in…

In a segment, I like to call “Damn! Why Isn’t That Me?”:

Actress Ellen Barkin
Actress Ellen Barkin

Ron Perelman, the owner of global cosmetics giant Revlon,Β is divorcing Ellen Barkin, the star of the movie Sea of Love and that terrible movie co-starring Laurence Fishburne. In a completely unrelated stream of thought, isn’t every movie with Laurence Fishburne bad? Yep, Mr. Perelman. He of the bad advertising campaigns that feature actresses instead of models is dropping his personal actress like a hot potato. But here’s the thing, he served papers on a stunned Ellen, whose prenup states she’ll get twenty million for anything up to five years but more if she hangs on longer. That marriage was like the ultimate, glam reality show; a married edition of Survivor or a real luxe Big Brother.

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The Race Entry Part II

Marcellas Reynolds by Photographer Gabriel Goldberg
Marcellas Reynolds by photographer Gabriel Goldberg

It’s late, or is it early? I’m experiencing mind-numbing insomnia. Since I returned from Chicago, I can’t sleep. Actually, I couldn’t sleep in Chicago. There I thought it was the time difference. Insomnia is the worst. I can’t get to sleep until 5 or 6 am, but I sleep till 1 or 2 in the afternoon once I do. It’s vampire hours. It’s 3 am, and I’m headed to bed, but I just checked my email. I got what I consider an ugly response to The Race Entry, my most responded to and read blog entry thus far. Yeah, I keep track of that. At first, I didn’t want to publish it, as it was anonymous, which I don’t like. I went as far as to not publish it under comments. I hit the reject button, but these replies get emailed to me so I had the copy. I walked away from it and came back. Here it is:

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