The Meredith Vieira Show… 2 Great Seasons!


By now you’ve heard the sad news that The Meredith Vieira Show has been canceled. I could try & tell you what appearing on the show meant to me. I could say they found me when no one was looking for me, at a time when I was begging my agents for auditions & meetings. When I stopped believing in myself as a host and I thought my career on TV was over. I could say they gave me a platform that gave me back my career. I could say they encouraged me in ways no other show or crew ever has. I could tell you they were kind to me. I could say because of them I have health insurance & my SAG/AFTRA card. I could tell you that when I cut my face & broke my teeth filming for a different series that they helped fix me instead of cancelling me. Or I could show you each handwritten note I received from Meredith herself before every appearance, each more lovely than the last. But I guess I’ll just say that I’m in tears as I write this post. Tears of thankfulness to the team at Meredith Show for allowing me to be part of their story. Congrats on 2 great seasons!

Macy Meredith MK

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