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Work. We spend the majority of our lives putting in work. Whether it’s our careers, relationships or our families, it’s all work. Now I hate working. I’d rather stay in bed all day watching re-runs of “Empire” and eating chips. But I realize that I like nice things, (my shopping addiction is LEGENDARY) and bills must be paid. So I gotta go to work. I also need to work off those chips so I gotta put in work at the gym too. Life = work.

How do I find inspiration to work? I re-language work as an opportunity to dress up. Each day is a chance to express yourself through fashion and work provides an exciting backdrop for that expression. Think about how excited and inspired you feel the first time you wear a brand new outfit! This season Midnight Velvet has some incredible new options that will leave your coworkers stunned, and you feeling inspired and empowered. Watch our Power Up Your Wardrobe video

I think my favorite piece this season is our super chic Sleeveless Trench which comes in ivory and black. I love this modern piece that’s trench meets blazer. It’s tailored yet easy. Polished yet cool. For work you can dress it up with a blouse and our Wide Leg Trouser but it does double duty when paired with jeans and high boots for the weekend. It’s one of those pieces that you will wear over and over a million different stunning ways!

And speaking of remixing classics, our take on the menswear trend that swept the European runways is modern pinstripes. Pinstripes? Yes, pinstripes. But done with feminine touches that amp up the wow like our Pinstripe Dress, nipped in at the waist to flaunt that figure, with touches of lace at the neck and hem. It’s picture perfect for a presentation at work or a night out when you add sexy accessories like our red Doral Slingbacks. Another look to covet is the Pinstripe Pant Set. I love this cool new cut in a classic blazer that’s belted at the waist. Plus the suit breaks up perfectly. The Pinstripe Pant looks amazing with a white statement blouse like our Theatric Shirt. It’s taking the power of menswear adding that sexy feminine flair to create bold new pieces that you can not wait to wear!

So how are you gonna rock your work look? Hit us up in the comments section after you watch the video!  I’m your personal stylist, Marcellas Reynolds.

Watch the Midnight Velvet video on Bold & Contemporary fashions

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