Summer ’10 Skin!


Summer is here and this is the season to show it off. It’s about tanks, shorts and the shortest minis possible for girls. It’s about putting your best face forward for late nights and ultimate exposure. So before you go out for a little fun in the sun, whether it be poolside, at the beach or just drinking with pals at an outdoor cafe, be sure to take extra good care of your skin. Here are my picks to make sure you have a glowing summer!

Skincare basics: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize!


Any good skincare regimen begins with a good cleanser. Normally I’m one for something that exfoliates as it cleanses. DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash is my go to product for promoting cell turnover and removing dead skin. But sometimes you need a product that soothes the skin. Like when you spend a little too much time in the blistering summer sun. Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser removes impurities and helps calm and soothe the skin. It helps reduce the appearance of redness & relieves tightness and discomfort. It’s got goji berry extract & moisture enriched beads to soften rough skin.


Summer skin should be soft & even-toned. Bliss Sweet Orange and Spearmint Sugar Scrub is a ‘skin softening body polish.’ With orange oil, raw sugar and sweet almond, when applied in a circular motion to damp skin, it removes dead skin and leaves you baby smooth and smelling lick-able sweet.


Sometimes a lil scrub isn’t enough. What if you’ve had a break-out and need to remove dark spots? Ren Clean Bio Active Skincare has the product to help! Their Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and papain. It’s designed to renew the complexion, reduce fine lines and improve skin tone.


Summer skin can mean oily skin and in that case you need a good toner. Anthony Logistics Alcohol Free Toner has highly concentrated aloe vera to retain moisture, calendula to soothe, chamomile to calm (no more tea baggin) and essential oil of grapefruit to revive. If you have sensitive skin this one’s for you. It smells yummy too…

Now you might ask why use a toner to remove oil only to turn around and put it back on? Good damn question. One I’ve asked my dermatologist often. A good moisturizer should contain nutrients that are delivered right onto the skin. Also some moisturizers help minimize fine lines as well as wrinkles and can clear skin discoloration. Think of it like this, cleansing and exfoliation take away the bad and moisturizer puts in the good. Got it? Great!


A moisturizer needs to not just moisturize it needs to protect the skin. Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar SPF 20 is a high-performance moisturizer that hydrates the skin with multiple antioxidants, gently exfoliates helping improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The SPF 20 helps prevent further sun-damage while inspiring a healthy glow.


We all want that golden glow of course, but prolonged sun exposure can cause sun & dark spots and damage the delicate skin around the eyes! To combat dark spots and hyper-pigmentation there’s no better product than Perricone MD Pigment Corrective. The formula corrects the appearance of dark spots & prevents further photo (sun) damage. Dr. Perricone is a leader in skin science. His Pigment Corrective contains his patented Pycnogenol & DMAE, as well as vitamin C which brighten, firms and tones the skin.


For the eyes Perricone MD has a two-part system that over time fades dark circles, removes puffiness and improves wrinkles around the eyes! 1st you apply Perricone’s Vitamin C Ester Serum around the eye. This is like precious serum that actually comes with an eye dropper! Next you layer on Perricone’s High Potency Eye Lift. It goes on silky smooth and you can literally feel the change in the quality of your skin!

So that’s it boys and girls. If you wanna look good this summer you must work at it. Drink lots of water, eat right, work out and take care of your skin. After all it’s your biggest organ. Tee hee hee… I said organ. Until next month, stay fab! M*

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