New Fashion Shoot with The Riker Brothers!


I had the absolute pleasure of shooting the gorgeous Alyssa Sutherland from the hit TV show Vikings with my pals the Riker Brothers. The moment you get the call it’s all about pulling clothes. After many phone calls and emails, begging, here’s a preview of the results!


The boys sent me a story board which I basically ignored. 😉 I’d met Alyssa before socially so I definitely had an idea of what I wanted the shoot to look like. For me she’s the essence of old Hollywood glamour. I immediately thought Veronica Lake meets The Stepford Wives meets Halston with a touch of Phoebe Cates in Lace.

When you style a queen you better bring a major gown.

And lace. You must bring lace. From Reiss. And jewels. Meredith Marks bijou? ✓

And since there is a pool how about something charming and whimsical and covered in flamingos by N12H.


The editorial hits the newsstands early 2016! Keep your eyes peeled!

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